DJI Now Owns Majority of Hasselblad

A little over a year ago, DJI forged a partnership with Hasselblad — the renowned Swedish camera manufacturer — when they invested in their company; earning them a minority stake and a seat at the table of their board of directors. The dream, when the partnership was announced, was that the companies would work together and meld DJI’s prowess and Hasselblad’s know-how to create a magnificent drone capable of taking even more brilliant images than DJI’s drones can currently churn out. We haven’t seen co-branded drones from both companies just yet, but it seems we may be a little bit closer with this bit of tech news. DJI has just acquired majority stakes in Hasselblad.

The news has been verified by our source through various industry insiders, but DJI has yet to release an official statement about the matter. This raises a lot of questions about how both companies will work side-by-side now that DJI has the reigns. One’s thing for sure though, we cannot wait to have DJI’s drones mounted with one of Hasselblad’s camera systems; though they’ll probably cost an arm, a leg, and maybe even a kidney.

Source: TechCrunch

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