DJI’s New Compact Drone Gets Leaked

Even Smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro

DJI has been impressing aerial photography and videography professionals and hobbyists for quite some time now. They wowed us with their compact drone, the Mavic Pro, that you can fit in almost any backpack back in September 2016; blowing away its strongest competition, the GoPro Karma, even before it got recalled. While we are thoroughly impressed with the performance and portability of the DJI Mavic Pro, currently the drone we have on hand at Unbox HQ, it seems like DJI is pushing the boundaries further with their newest project that has been leaked online.

In the photo above, you’ll see the DJI Mavic Pro on the right and what looks like a prototype for an even more compact drone from DJI that people are calling Spark. Unlike the Mavic Pro, the so-called Spark, looks to have fixed arms; much like its older, bigger siblings in the Phantom series. Even then, it looks to be at least 30% smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro when it’s flight ready. Reports say that it features the same motors to give it the lift it needs to take flight and weighs only 190 grams without its battery.

There’s no word on the camera tech is packing just yet but, thanks to the photos we’ve found online, it is mounted on a gimbal; though many are saying that it will only most likely be able to shoot forward and pointing down. There are also a bunch of sensor, possibly in front and definitely two on the bottom, to aid in positioning and for obstacle detection to protect your investment.

Given its smaller chasis, the DJI Spark may be aimed at more casual hobbyist looking to possibly add a little more flare to their videos or possibly DJI’s answer to other drones that are aimed at taking aerial selfies, such as: Hover Camera Passport or the AirSelfie. TechCrunch also reports that forums are also suggesting that drone could possible be used for racing, since the Spark is compatible with the company’s FPV goggles.¬†Given its dimensions and weight, however, we doubt that the drone will be able to fly as high as other drones in DJI’s lineup; though we are hoping to be proved wrong.¬†Only time will tell.

We’ll keep our ears on the ground and let you know more about the DJI Spark once we get more details.

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