Download Apple iOS 5 on October 12

Download iOS 5 starting October 12!

Download Apple iOS 5 on October 12

The first half of the Let’s Talk iPhone Keynote was basically a recap of the WWDC Keynote where they introduced the features of iCloud and iOS 5. The good news though is that we only have to wait a few more days before we get the free update on our iOS devices. According to Scott Forstall, iOS 5 will be available for download for free starting October 12. Here’s a quick recap of the major features:

  • Notification Center: Just swipe from the top of your screen to pull down the Notification Center. Very similar to how Android does their notifications. Good thing Apple followed suit with this though since their current notification system is crap.
  • Twitter Integration: Twitter is now heavily integrated into iOS. You can now tweet your pics quickly without any hassle.
  • iMessage: Imagine BlackBerry Messenger but for iOS devices. This is definitely a major feature that a lot of people are eagerly waiting for!
  • Reminders: Something that a lot of people have been asking Apple to do! Finally. Integrated with iCal, Outlook, etc.
  • Camera: Easier to access the camera. Pinch-to-zoom. Single tap focus. And more.
  • Safari: Tabbed browsing! Yay! Apple just put several app makers out of business, hehe. Goodbye Atomic Browser.
  • PC Free: Wireless syncing. Horray!

For the full list, click here to go to the Apple website.

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