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Editorial: Bad Pricing? Here’s How International Bang For The Buck Phones Are Messing With Local Brands

MyPhone Infinity 2 08

What’s happening with the pricing of local devices?

Yesterday we wrote about MyPhone’s Infinity 2, the company’s latest flagship device, and boy did you guys let us know what you thought of its pricing. For those who don’t know, MyPhone’s latest flagship is priced at Php 12,799, which is in line with the price of its previous flagship announced last year. Unfortunately for MyPhone, the biggest difference between 2014 and 2015 is that there’s a lot more bang for the buck international phones playing in both the mid-range (Zenfone 2) and the lower mid-range market (Flash Plus, A7000, Honor 4X, M1 Note).

So what, you’re probably saying. They should have just adjusted the prices of their phones before they launched it. While that may seem like the likely solution to MyPhone’s pricing woes, in reality it isn’t that simple. Since MyPhone doesn’t make their own phones, and instead rely on ODMs like Tinno to make them, there’s a certain lead time needed from product design, creation and local release. Local brands have to coordinate with their ODMs of choice months in advance before getting their product to market. Once their deals are made, brands then have to decide on a price before getting their product out, which they agree upon with their ODM. MyPhone simply slashing the price to compete with sudden releases isn’t financially viable for any company, which kind of explains the less than impressive pricing.

To put it bluntly, many local brands were caught by surprise with the release of international offerings like the Alcatel Flash Plus. It’s a sentiment that’s been shared with us with several conversations we had with local brands that don’t want to be identified (for obvious reasons). Many local brands are now faced with a big dilemma for devices launching in the same price range as the current crop of bang for the buck phones: either launch them with their current pricing that’s noncompetitive in the current environment, or postpone the launch and shelf the product.

To be fair to MyPhone, the company does recognize the current pricing environment and have promised better, more affordable and more importantly competitive phones in the near future, specifically, around June – July. That’s alright by us – better competition in the marketplace means overall cheaper prices for phones everywhere, and isn’t that the point of capitalism?

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Totally agree Sir John! This bodes well for the consumers. Better products at competitive prices 🙂 Sana lang meron din mg change ng trend sa gasolina. Hahaha! Hirap kapag my cartel.

    1. Sana pati sa internet and call pricing may ganyab para magbenefit nman tyo. NAPAKAMAHAL NG INTERNET SA PINAS!!! DI NMAN KAHANDAHAN ANG SERVICE!!!

  2. Tough Sell, kahit sinong endorser kukunin nila lalangawin pa rin yan ….. 720p, hindi branded tapos PHP13k, ARAY!

  3. ”MyPhone simply slashing the price to compete with sudden releases isn’t financially viable for any company”

    Well, dun din ang punta nun haha, why prolong the agony? Siguro may maloloko silang a couple of hundred buyers, pero hanggang doon na lang yun, they will probably need a miracle to even make a tiny profit out of it, pero sa dami na g competition ngayon, walang himala!!!

  4. They still wouldn’t be able to sell anything with that price tag against the other four candidate. So they have to slash the price to sell it! or else they’ll lose MORE than what they commissioned from China.

    I still don’t understand why other brands were able to sell HALF to 6/10th of the price of the Mp Infinity 2. They too also outsourced to China, heck Alcatel is french! FRENCH!!!

    1. In a word: Volume. Alcatel, Asus, Meizu, Lenovos current bang for the buck competitors have way more volume production than myphone’s… they sell it not just here but in other countries as well..also they do alot of things in-house like software design.. myphone does not have alot of resources compared to them and their costs will be at the mercy of their ODM.. the ODM does most of the gruntwork and therefore whatever the ODM says or prices, they pretty much have very little choice.. this is why they are not as flexible in terms of pricing…

      Also, the current Alcatel mobile phones have no trace of French.. It is now wholly-owned by TCL (a chinese company) after their partnership with Alcatel failed and they acquired all of Alcatel’s 45% share in the company in 2005. They did not ditch the alcatel name because who will buy a TCL branded phone? 🙂

    2. because of less marketing expense, no endorser, just the chance to be talked about by the likes of you guys and spreading the word. i hope the local brands catch in this new trend where the product will sell itself and sop paying huge amount of money to celebrity endorsers and passing it to consumers.

      1. Myphone and Starmobile should follow this trend. Younger generations look down on their phones not up, and who watch T.V? i havn’t watched T.V in…. years……?

        1. Good for you then.People still watch a lot of T.V and the local smartphone makers are still going to milk that for what its worth, I’d hate to say it but the whole “ME” series of phone went very well with the local market and sold a lot especially during the “Quad Core” era.

          I don’t watch nor like the endorsements but the work for others, it will probably die on its own but it will be milked to the max.

    3. Alcatel-Lucent is French, but Alcatel Mobile Phones today is not anymore. It was established in 2004 as a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China. Alcatel-Lucent later sold its shares in TCL and is no longer related to the Alcatel Mobile Phones brand. TCL Mobile Limited currently manages Alcatel Mobile Phones.

  5. Para dun sa mga PINOY na mahilig magsabi ng NEGATIVE about sa mga phones na “OVERPRICED”, wag niyong bilhin, tapos.

    Dun sa mga nagsasabing “mas maganda to kesa dyan”, edi ayun yung bilhin niyo, tapos.

    Dun naman sa compare ng compare WALA NAMANG PAMBILI, MANAHIMIK KA NALANG please lang nakakagulo ka lang sa mundong to.

    FYI, may mga LOYAL sa kanya kanyang brand ng phone.
    Nag release si samesu** ng phone na pinalitan lang yung cover ng metal at pinamahal, MARAMING BUMILI

    Nag release si App** ng phone na pinaganda lang ang hardware at pinalaki MARAMI PA DING BUMIBILI

    Nag release si L* ng phone na ginawa lang curve yung screen at pinamahal, may mga bumili pa din

    mahirap mag price ng phone, may tinatawag po na “research and development” team ang mga yan. wag kayo masyado magmarunong pagdating sa prices ng phones. wala kayong alam. ok?

    1. stfu okay wag mag marunong ? eh.. ano yang ginagawa mo di ba nag mamarunong ka? lahat ng opinyon ng tao dito ay.. dapat respetuhin.. kung ayon ang opinyon nila wag mo silang pake alaman okay ? kug baga lahat tayo dito ay may teyorya na pinaniniwalaan kaya wag kang magsasalita ng masama laban sa kapwa mo

      1. Paolo, ikaw din naman hindi rumerespeto ng opinyon, tangang impokrito. Kung hindi ka nangingialam sana hindi ka na nag comment. pesteng tao to nabuhay pa. haha

    2. fyi, down ang sales ng SAMSU*** mo. every year pababa ng pababa ang sales nila dahil kinakain ng bang for the buck phones. Economics rules. Question ko sayo, asan na ang loyalist ng Nokia? Hindi ba bumagsak Nokia dahil di sila nakasunod sa trend?

    3. kung lahat ng tao ganyan ang mentality, walang kwenta ang mundo. kung walang pakialam sa nangyayari sa paligid, whether business or government, hindi tayo aasenso. public/consumer feedback is important para malaman ng kinauukulan if they are doing something right. myphone, and any other company, should listen to consumers and go from there. hindi na kasalanan ng tao kung anong klaseng deal meron sila sa ODM. dapat ba kaming maawa at bilhin ang produkto nila kahit mahal at kahit meron naman mas murang alternatibo?

  6. Oh and you have to consider that Myphone had 4 MONTHS to try and beat the Asus Zenfone 2 NOT going againts Samsung!!

  7. Honestly i would like to see a thriving filipino industry.
    These local companies try their best but their best is 5 steps behind the leaders.
    I dont think i can sleep well if i were ceo or directors of these local companies right now
    The way i see it they should be competitive providing top notch service and killer promos.
    Asus seem to get the “kiliti” of the pinoy consuners and i was there during their launch they definitly hit the ground running. Agressive pricing, freebies and getting in touch with their consumers by interacting with them.
    I never in my life fell in line to buy a fone at launch and never really followed such trends. But asus caught my attention.
    Now if only local companies / industries wilk learn from this they will have a fighting chan ce

    1. And Asus is known for their good, wider aftersales service. Unlike Cherry Mobile/Graphics CDO, naniningil ng bayad sa shipping kapag pinagawa sa manila.

      1. Even my Lenovo experience with its after sales is great, had my A850 charging issue resolved on the spot and i just have to wait less than 20 min. Now its good as new.
        I wonder why customers of local brands have horrible experiences with their after sales.
        kaya if they cant win it by specs or pricing, im pretty sure top notch aftersales will earn their trust.
        loyalty and respect from clients goes a long way more than any lame endorser / ambassador they can do.

  8. Sir John,

    Dapat naamoy na nila ang mga bang bucks products na to. Sobra tagal na nung Meizu lumabas at 8k and great specs. Several months ago pa yon. Siguradong meron at merong susunod sa kanila, medyo natagalan pa nga pagdating ng Alcatel at Lenovo kaya nag-enjoy si Meizu ng matagal tagal.

    I think may malaking matututunan dito. MyPhone Infinity 2 focused on aesthetics kaya siguro tumaas ang price. Mas interested ang market sa innards and price range. Di bale plastic at di ultra nipis, basta mahaba battery, maganda SOC, at ok ang screen!

    Pero please… excuse lng yang surprise na yan. It means whoever are in-charge sa MyPhone ay hindi ginawa ang assignment nila. Last year pa dumating mga 7k pesos phablet na yan sa China. Alam na dapat nila na dadating din sa lugar natin yan in a matter of months. Ang tanong lng ay kung sino ang mauuna.

    Pero hindi pa naman doomed. Limited stocks naman ang alcatel at lenovo. Di naman nila kaya pa bigyan ng phone lahat ng gustong bumili. Siguro meron pa dn bibili ng Infinity2.

    Question lng po, kamusta po atmosphere dun sa launching? Medyo kabado ba executives nila while presenting?

    1. Yung mga consumers na desidido na sa mga bang 4 buck Int’l brands na medyo limited pa as of now, mag-aantay mga yun, kasi ayaw nilang magsisi sa bandang huli pag biglang dumagsa na ang stocks, Dealing with buyer’s remorse can cause a lot of pain lol,

      They will never settle for anything less, so to sum it up….talagang Dead On Arrival na ang MyPhone Infinity 2 you can bet your house on that

    2. Divisoria style kasi ang business model ng MyPhone, pinapakyaw lang nila from ODM’s tapos binibenta dito. Xiaomi and Meizu have been active in China for YEARS now and when Xiaomi entered the Philippine market, they matched the price they sell for in China. Okay, online flash sales lang ang business model ng Xiaomi, kaya pang labanan ni Daniel Padilla at Coco Martin! Kaso lumabas si Zenfone 5 from Asus at binibenta din yun sa malls for half the price of their flagship. Sige! Kaya pa yan ng endorsers natin. E habang nangyayari yan, gumawa na ang ZTE at Huawei ng brands na pangtapat sa Xiaomi tapos almost every week may bang for the buck phone na na-fea-feature sa gizchina.com.

  9. Last na lng sir John,

    Granted wag na pagusapan Alcatel at Lenovo. Yung ZF2 na lng. Ang tagal-tagal na news na yan at yung pricing matagal na nating alam na nasa 15k-ish ang target nila. Bakit gumawa si MyPhone ng product on the same price pero inferior specs? Last year pa rumors ng specs and pricing ng ZF2.

    Meron talagang in-charge sa MyPhone na natulog sa pansitan at di ginawa ang trabaho nya. Kung ang Nokia biglang bumagsak dahil naidlip sila sandali while Android and Apple are racing in the smartphone business, lalong mas magiging malupit ang industry sa small time na MyPhone.

    1. Na-order na kasi nila sa China iyon, no backing out, pati price at release nkaplano na, changes can be made so little hwen they were caught by surprise sa mid ranged phone naglabasan ngayon. now they have to sell it less or malugi, baka rin mas mahal ang built ng body ng myphone kaya ganun ang price.

      1. it’s been a year, di p din nila na-foreseen ung trend at pricing? Excuses na lang yung “no backing out” na yan.

  10. myphone caught by surprise? either this is just a pathetic excuse or they’re not doing their job. in business, you have to survey the market, the competition, find out what they are doing or planning to do and try to get ahead of them. hindi pwedeng tutulog-tulog at “caught by surprise”. myphone should realize, if they haven’t already, that more sales means more profits. how do you boost your sales? offer products that consumers will like, it’s that simple. in the case of infinity, myphone failed miserably. unless they recover very soon from that disaster by offering models that are bang for the buck like those of their rivals, malulugi sila. like what the others have already mentioned, myphone should learn from nokia and even samsung, which is losing market share to other brands offering bang for the buck phones.

  11. Tama ka sir john but local brands are trying to accommodate to international brand. Yes we can say that the specs are nearly superb but the pricing is really bad. They always say that “business is business” but they need to make sure that the madla can afford their products. More products that fit in the budget of the Filipinos more product to be sold afterwards.

  12. To MyPhone, Cherry Mobile, and other local brands: why not try bringing production here in the Philippines? Kahit one type of phone model muna, kahit low end and targeted to the masses. Eventually you’ll learn and master the process of producing locally made phones. Once you have your local production line, pwedeng damihan na yung models, pwede na subukan mag high-end models, and of course, marketing surprises like the ones made by Asus and Alcatel can be easier to counter.

    1. Bureaucracy. Too much red tape in the government at almost all levels means that it would be expensive upfront to create a manufacturing facility, even before factoring in a sizeable investment in technologies to produce even simple displays and motherboards. And once we DO have our own manufacturing facilities, the maker will seek reparation for the investments, so it will be a while before pricing is low IF we start making our own phones.

      Also, we don’t have the access to the technology to make entire phones, only components.

      1. We don’t have to make the phones here, we could outsource it. The difference here is that instead of buying the completed phones from ODM’s, MyPhone or Cherry Mobile would design the phone, and choose the components themselves the same way Apple does with the iPhone. O ha! Designed in the Philippines, manufactured in China. Another advantage with this one is that our manufacturers gets a say on whether or not a phone will get an Android update. With the way things are now, they’ll have to pray that the ODM will cook up an update before they have something to customise.

  13. lets face the fact na may overpricing.. see how those international brand came out with a cheaper price which specs kill even flagship phone of local brands

  14. ahahaha hindi nyo napansin kaya over protective si BANANA sa mga comment nya.. kc xa po ay isa sa mga impleyado ni MYPHONE.. malay nyo sa na pala si sales marketing…ahahaha

  15. the bigger the volume you can sell the lower the cost and thus u can provide a lower selling price. local producers just dont have the sizable market share kahit pa mag merge sila their target market size is nowhere the size of asus and the like who sell not to many other countries in asia

  16. the success of the rio has proven that myphone can generate sales by offering phones with good enough features at reasonable prices. rio at the time was a good buy, and myphone should have capitalized on its success by introducing rio 2 with 2 GB ram, 16Gb internal, 3000 mAh battery, 13/5 cameras, plus LTE at around 7-8K and it will surely be a hit. instead, they launched rio 2 with lame specs and now infinity models that are ridiculously priced. if only a few buy them, myphone only has itself to blame. kahit na nga hindi pa naglabasan ang flash plus, honor 4x, lenovo at asus, wouldn’t it be nice if myphone is the first to offer a bang for the buck phone instead of reacting to the competition? as it is, they have no foresight.

    1. yun talaga pinagtataka ko. Super hit ang Rio last year tapos sobrang poor yung follow up. Nagintroduce ng new lines of Rio this year na kokonti lng improvement last year. Tapos eto pa nangyari sa infinity.

      I mean, akala ko na-gets na ng MyPhone ang formula last year. Kasi bang buck and game changer talaga yung Rio last year. And I thought they will follow up strongly this year. Sobra dissappointing na halos walang improvement ang specs tapos higher price pa.

  17. To put the pricing wars in context (The article is a good read, but key points are missing there which I will iterate here,)

    For Alcatel OT Flash Plus AND Lenovo A7000,

    – both are NOT available in brick-and-mortar stores, so no markup for logistics and distribution networks, and the legalities associated with them – taxes, couriers, warehousing, wages, none of that transmitted to the end user, because both are ONLY available at Lazada. Generally, the Galaxy S6 is more expensive in the EU than in India or PH, because of taxes and logistical costs as a key part in this.

    – both are NOT advertised publicly and are circulated by word-of-mouth and places like Unbox.ph, so no markup for advertising and PR. Again, both are only advertised through Lazada announcements of flash sales and banner ads, and all marketing is handled by Lazada. This markup from advertising and PR explains why Beats headphones are more expensive than ‘better-sounding’ Audio Technicas.

    – Lazada is in charge of all aspects of the phone, including after-sales support. And unlike Samsung which has repair centres all around the country, Alcatel and Lenovo do NOT have such facilities; at best, you go to a computer centre that is a ‘recognized drop-off point’ for one or the other manufacturer, then they ship it to Lazada, who then ships it to the manufacturer. So no markup for payment to the after-sales network because there simply isn’t one. In comparison, Samsung has repair centres all over the country, and generally good support for at least the Galaxy S and Note series (I can only vouch for both lines, because I have experienced them and with no other Samsung series.)

    For Asus Zenfone 2,

    – ASUS has a bad reputation for skimping out on parts to reduce costs of devices significantly. Please refer to this – http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/49592-35-asus-laptops-good/page-2 – for user complaints of how ASUS ‘handles’ after-sales support for their PC users.

    – ASUS has also a spotty reputation for mobile, again because of undercutting through cheap parts. Asus Zenfone 5’s and 6’s have bad battery lives and heat badly because of the sourced Intel processor; Qualcomm charges more, apparently. ASUS Nexus 7’s also bear a bad reputation for reliability, exemplified by reports – http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/personal/2015/05/17/lollipop-nexus/27375011/ – of Nexus 7 2013’s dying one after another almost at the same time.

    Which brings us to the Myphone Infinity 2.

    – Myphone has a sizeable retail network – kiosks and stalls in EVERY mall in the country, so a sizeable cost has to be put in for reparation to this and the distribution network – the network in Manila is separate from Batangas, or Dagupan, or Cebu, or Bohol, or Davao, or Zamboanga, for instance – and the taxes and costs associated with such.

    – Myphone is very public and pronounced in its marketing – billboards, TV and radio ads, Daniel Padilla. So a considerable cost has to be put in as reparation to this regard.

    – Myphone, as expanded upon in the article above, does NOT manufacture its devices; it ‘buys’ devices from ODM’s then modifies them for the Philippine market. That alone is considerable cost on top of the cost of the originally manufactured device.

    – Myphone, relative to the 3 manufacturers above, has an on-the-ground after-sales network, if you can call it as such.

    In sum,

    – The Alcatel, Asus, and Lenovo can be cheap because there either they undercut costs at the production stage alone, or is not available extensively as a result of not setting up a retail and distribution network. Myphone does NOT have that luxury. It does not make its own devices, and because there is demand, a retail and marketing infrastructure was set up for this demand, which meant higher costs for the end user.

    – The consumers have been caught off-guard by the sudden announcement of the cheap international devices, and have thus questioned the viability of the ‘local’ phone industry as a result.

    Good day.

    1. Well explained sir nice research you put your references to make each statement strong enough to prove each detail cited. This article is a good piece to debate of. At least people show their own opinion which is good.

    2. nice explanation. still, even if consumers read it, they won’t be convinced to buy infinity because they know the much cheaper alcatel flash plus, meizu m1 note, huawei honor 4x, asus zenfone 2 and lenovo a7000 are out there. in the final analysis, myphone loses. they need to rethink their business strategy that would be win-win for everyone.

    3. para sakin, hindi applicable yung source complaints sa ibang country. US na forums yan e. Kasi magkaiba sila ng tolerance sa customer service compared sa atin. Ano kaya sasabihin ng mga taong yan kung sila maka-experience ng customer service ng MyPhone at CM dito sa Pinas?

      > The consumers have been caught off-guard by the sudden announcement of the cheap international devices, and have thus questioned the viability of the ‘local’ phone industry as a result.

      Para sakin hindi. This is very much expected. It is a race to the bottom. Ang tanong na lng kung sino ang mga mauuna. Companies are undercutting each other. MTK is competing with QualComm. QualComm is fighting back. So parts gets stronger and cheaper fast. 1 Year na merong ganyang specs and price sa China. Hindi naman rocket science isipin na makakarating din satin ang ganyang biyaya

    4. > The Alcatel, Asus, and Lenovo can be cheap because there either they undercut costs at the production stage alone, or is not available extensively as a result of not setting up a retail and distribution network.

      Dude, mas mahirap paniwalaan na mas mahusay quality ng MyPhone kesa Asus

      1. I agree with the last satement.
        Paolo did a nice job doing research but by implying other brands cut cost in production which i believe is pure speculation medyo alanganin… these are international brands with global prescence how could and odm unit be better than a unit set for global distribution.
        but still someday id like to see a pinoy product we can all be proud of, may it be automotive, fashion or technology.
        its time pinoy works in pinas instead of having our best minds over other countries and benefiting from our creativity

      2. I am careful to not state that Myphone has better made products than Asus, as you claim I’m implying. I’m simply iterating that Asus has a history of “cutting corners” on the devices they build in an effort to drive costs down significantly. And it shows in the user complaints of unreliable Asus products…

        1. My personal experience. My Asus laptop bought last 2007 is still alive and kicking. My 2012 Asus laptop is also doing very well. I can only speak about laptops, TPC regulars have high regard to Asus – it’s synonymous to high quality laptops at affordable prices

  18. CM could ask their ODM to clone the flash plus and release it here at 4k+ price range, then that could replicate the original flare’s success (name it Flare Plus, heheh) if only their executives are doing their homework, when will they ever learn.. tsktsk..

  19. “Since MyPhone doesn’t make their own phones, and instead rely on ODMs like Tinno to make them, there’s a certain lead time needed from product design, creation and local release.”

    They don’t design them either. Every ODM creates a blank slate and our local brands just order them in bulk and probably adjust the specs a bit but that’s about it. MyPhone’s relationship with Tinno is nowhere close to Apple’s relationship with Foxconn where Apple asks Foxconn to manufacture their phones for them. That’s not the reason why they can’t lower the price though, it’s only because it would hurt their revenue. ODM’s sells these phones to local companies for razor thin margins, it’s up to companies like MyPhone and Cherry Mobile to decide how much they want to earn per phone.

    Besides, Asus released the Zenfone 5 in the middle of 2014! Isn’t that enough time for our local brands to reconsider their strategy? Heck, Micromax who also used to get their phones from Tinno has branched out and started making their own devices (they have a plant in India!). They have also started a partnership with Cyanogen Inc. for their Yu brand which will be sold exclusively online.

    1. this, this, and this. Seriously, naniniwala talaga kayo na local brands nagdedesign ng mga phones at pinapagawa sa ODM? Siguro naniniwala din kayo na totoo ang laban sa WWE

  20. Myphone mess up big time with te rio 2. They did not capitalize on the first rio’s success. Dapat nirelease nila rio 2 with the same specs as the current bang for the buck phones. 2gb ram…octa…lte at 7-8k range…lalo na at lazada exclusives lang ang mga phone na yun.

  21. That’s what I’ve been saying since Xiaomi fired the first salvo. Other Chinese brands has to counter Xiaomi to remain relevant. The writing on the wall was clear and it’s clearer now. Competition will be a lot tougher ahead. There will be casualties. It will be survival of the fittest. Those whose business model relies on cheap prices alone will suffer the most.

    Local brands have to create value for buyers to even consider their phones. May it be after sales service, cloud services, content or added accessories as what is Starmobile is doing.

    O+ is very quiet nowadays. Is everything ok?

  22. Because ASUS products actually reach their shores, Paolo, and bad reviews and complaints are much easier to find than rave reviews. You’re implying that ASUS makes crappy products period – simply not true if all the reviews on all the online stores (newegg, amazon, tigerdirect., etc.) frequented by people in the US are true, let alone the myriad that shop at Best Buy and Fry’s. That, and you ask any gamer in the US what mobo they want on their rig, and most of them will tell you ASUS flat out.

    You’re the one intentionally misrepresenting by finding a couple of bad reviews (easy to do for anything regardless of brand) and then attempting to extrapolate that to mean that this is true of for all products across the board all the time. That’s called a failure of logic, which you’re desperately trying to cover up with loads of BS in lieu of an actual argument.

    Lastly, cutting corners doesn’t have to be a bad thing if the cuts were made to superfluous objects or procedures that do not contribute to the stability and performance of the product. We call that optimization, not “cutting corners”. Some wannabe experts who failed Hardware 101 see component X is missing on mobo Y and completely don’t understand why this was done simply think they’re getting an inferior product. The same people probably love bloat on their OS and hardware because “it’s more complete”. That level of retardedness speaks for itself.

    Now stop being disingenuous.

    1. (I’m going to split up my comments here, because there is no scroll functionality on Unbox’s reply section.)

      You cannot deny that there are faulty Asus devices, and Asus has a history of making unintentionally faulty devices. I am NOT just blindly criticising Asus – mind you, their products rank highly in reliability and customer reviews surveys, and win major tech awards frequently. But please, do not act like such negativity towards Asus occurs once in a blue moon, because you imply that it does – there is a sizeable portion of users complaining about Asus ‘unreliability’ – compounded by questionable choices in parts used.

      1. There’s a reason why many 2012 Nexus 7 users are complaining of slowdown and slates dying at an alarming rate – it was chalked to a bad memory module Asus used. – More here – http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-nexus-7-tablet-2012/289858-google-s-nexus-7-tablets-dying-early-possibly-due-cheap-memory-3.html There’s a reason why everyday it seems, 2013 Nexus 7 users are complaining of the slates bricking as soon as they get a taste of Lollipop – bad memory module? bad software? Hard to tell; Asus and Google are proactively washing their hands and refusing to man up to save the Nexus 7’s. – http://www.androidauthority.com/nexus-7-brick-android-lollipop-600185/

      2. And no, that is not ‘failure of logic’ – failure of logic is deliberately downplaying the existence of such assertions and occurrences because downplaying and dismissing the negative is ‘most convenient to people.’ Those are facts, no fallacies. And such facts are becoming ever so real more frequently by the week. That is not a failure to identify such patterns and make notions out of it.

        I reiterate at this point that Asus devices are VERY popular, quite reliable, ranking highly in surveys of such, and carved a niche for itself making very powerful yet affordable devices. And it is admirable that such feat was pulled off by a company of their global scale and reach.

      3. BUT, Cutting corners is bad when it is done too much. In Asus’ case, they are cutting corners not on software or advertising or logistics – they have quite good in-store stockage, a solid after-sales network, decent advertising efforts, and good relations with retailers (Memoexpress and the like.) AND customers. The fundamental problem is, it is the core components of the devices they where they are cutting corners on. And it shows. Asus is not alone in the guilt here – even big names like HTC, LG, an Samsung are guilty of this. But Asus is one of the fastest growing mobile makers, period. And they have to step up in their devices. Cheapening out on components is NOT the way to go here.

  23. Well duh!? Is MyPhone even aware of the competition going on? Ever since naman kasi OP naman ang pricing nila they weren’t competitive enough, tignan nyo nanyari sa Rio 2 and Rio 2 Lite and all the shit Rio series sana naman makisama din sila sa competition

  24. Hindi tayo ang market ng myphone. Daming di nakakaalam sa presyuhan ngayun. May iba silang balak. Nandito lang tayo para mag react at mag criticize sa kanila.

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