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Elliot Audio Rugged Wireless Speakers: Great Buy at Php999


Up Close with the Elliot Audio Rugged Wireless Speakers

We finally got our hands on the Php999 Elliot Audio Rugged Wireless Speakers a few days ago and we’ve been putting it through the paces so we can do a quick review. To be honest we didn’t have high hopes on the quality of this gadget considering the price point. It was hard to believe that you can get a decent wireless, waterproof, and nice-looking speakers for under a thousand pesos. The good news is that’s exactly what you get with the Elliot Audio Rugged Speakers! We’re hard pressed to think of any other bluetooth speaker that can match this in terms of value-for-money.

One reason why we didn’t expect too much from this was that we couldn’t find any information about it on Google. It’s either this is a re-branded speaker or it’s so new that there no sites that have written about it yet. It also didn’t help that it didn’t come in a blister pack or a box. When we got it the speakers was inside the water-resistant pouch (free with the speakers). This is a major point of improvement and we hope that Elliot Audio makes the effort to at least put this in decent packaging, hehe.

The packaging though is the only bad thing we have to say about it.

Nice looking speakers!
Nice looking speakers!

On the build alone it’s hard to believe that this is just Php999. The speaker is wrapped in a sealed silicone case to ensure water, shock, and dust resistance. The control panels are seamlessly integrated with the silicone case (usual volume and power buttons). The micro USB charging port is covered by the silicone as well but it’s easy to pull open.

Control interface at the top
Control interface at the top

Connecting to the speakers was also very easy. Upon turning on there was a female voice that prompted us to connect to it via Bluetooth. We had no issues connecting with our laptop, smartphone (iOS, Android, and Windows), and tablet. We were also surprised to find out that it had a built-in microphone with hands-free function. That’s a super welcome addition because this makes it the perfect companion for professionals who always find themselves in conference calls with clients, customers, or clients. Heck, you can even just put this in your car and connect it to your phone so you can talk to people while driving without compromising attention to the road.

The speaker also didn’t disappoint in sound quality. The 5W driver was more than enough to fill a small-medium sized room with good music. The sound signature was very clear and articulate and it really shines when you listen to tracks that have a few instruments and a lot of vocals. Bass was present but it wasn’t too good (just passable but not commendable) so if you’re a basshead you might want to consider other wireless speakers.

Amazing value for money.
Amazing value for money.

In terms of battery life, we got an average of 5-6 hours continuously playing music. It’s more than enough to last you an evening while you’re chilling out with friends in your condo or house.

Our Verdict: If You Need Affordable Wireless Speakers Go Get This One

Approved by Unbox
Approved by Unbox

At Php999 the Elliot Audio Rugged Wireless Speakers delivers exceptional value for money. It puts checkmarks on the essential things that matter with wireless speakers: connectivity, price, durability, and sound quality. Other than the packaging our only other issue would probably be after sales support since there’s no local service center for this brand. Currently you can only get this via Kimstore.

Two thumbs up for this one. If ever you guys get this as well please do let us and the rest of the Unbox community what you think about it in the comments section below.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.


  1. Any google reference about a product helps me with my decision.
    maybe its a one off thing kimstore product … since anyone now can sub con a factory in china order bt speakers and slap their brand on it.
    unlike the good old days where brands like jbl…focal, dls, polk audio… actually comes with pedigree and not hype.

    1. I just bought yesterday and its awesome!!! Its so little but kinda loud on its size.. super amazing!

  2. Since Unbox shared this ive been wanting to get it. But a question… Is connectinh to it straight out bluetooth? Or it has a jack?

  3. Here’s my short review. This speakers is true bang for the buck, coz of the features. And yes tama si Unbox, sound quality is superb. Some of the songs I’ve played, Coldplay’s Princess of China (my fave), Muse songs, Aerosmith. All come out clear. to be fair is actually the first time my sister is borrowing (arbor, to be exact) my gadgets because she wants to keep it for herself. Overall: cannot get any better at this offer.

      1. depende sa laki ng room Chela… pero malakas ito. at hindi tunog lata. If room is small to medium size kaya niya!

  4. Hi unbox,

    Can you recommend a value for money waterproof wireless bluetooth headset that i could buy? I’m just going to use it for listening to different coirses and seminars while i’m taking a bath.


  5. had the chance to listen to it from a friend’s Elliot Audio. this review is accurate. mgnda po siya.

  6. Hindi kayo magsisisi dito promise kung talagang naghahanap kayo ng wireless bluetooth speaker in low price ito na yun wala ng iba πŸ™‚

  7. If this is a rebranded Jarv X96, then it’s a real steal for the 999-peso price tag. The Jarv X96 sells for $59.99 which makes the Elliot about 60-70% cheaper.

  8. Me and my friend had this last monday. Been using it since then. Good audio quality. Can compete with Beats by Dr. DrΓ©??

    1. I just want to know if really natural that the power button is always blinking while using it. Not like other bluetooth speaker the lights were only blinks while connecting and stays if already connected. Thanks.. πŸ™‚

      1. Really? Actually I don’t expect it to be at sennheiser level or bose or sony active earphones. As long as it is on par with stock samsung or apple earphones. Can you attest to this? Because if yes I’ll buy one now and thank you for answering πŸ™‚

        1. Hello, have you bought this sir? I want to know too. I badly need your review about the wireless earphones. Nagdadalawang isip kasi ako if QCY CY8 or Elliot Audio active wireless headset ang bilhin ko. Kahit ka lvl lang sa samsung earphones ang sound quality okay na ako.Thank you.

          1. I got a pair. Sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. Punchy bass, but the highs are harsh.

            They’re good enough for catching up on your TV shows, which is what I primarily use them for.

  9. I just want to know if really natural that the power button is always blinking while using it. Not like other bluetooth speaker the lights were only blinks while connecting and stays if already connected. Thanks.. πŸ™‚

  10. I Just want to ask lang. halimbawa po mabilis na sya malobat pwd rin ba palitan ng battery ang elliot audio? Salamat

  11. Got this one last friday thru COD. sa mga nagtatanong f kaya sa classroom na may 52 students, i think not. ginamit ko to sa classroom with 19 students pero medyo mahina siya.

  12. got this one yesterday. now I cannot play music anymore. I tried unpairing, but I pair again with the device, it says that I cannot pair anymore. any suggestions??

  13. Hello! I would just like to ask if is there an indicator in which it will tell me that it’s already fully charged?

  14. Hello! Can you do a sound quality and loudness comparison of Elliot Audio Rugged Speakers and JBL Go? I’m torn between these two

  15. I have this one. Its good enough. It charges less than an hour or two for me. I dunno since the red would indicate that its still charging and once its done it doesnt show.

  16. What is the best color between the 3 elliot audio speaker? Its too hard for me to decide bec i like all of them ? help pleasee

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