Elliot Audio Speakers: Wireless and Rugged for Php 999

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This Bluetooth speaker is water proof, affordable and awesome!

Want a nice sounding Bluetooth speaker but don’t have that much money to spare? Well, we have you covered. This Elliot Audio Bluetooth Speaker might just scratch your Bluetooth itch. This compact but powerful speaker has enough oomph to supply your tunes when you need it. You don’t even have to baby it or even hide it from the elments when it’s raining, as it’s IPX5 rated, meaning it’s splash resistant, perfect for pool parties. The Elliot Audio Bluetooth has a 4 hour battery life between charges, and also works as a speaker phone when a call comes in.

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The best part of the package is that it only cost a measly Php 999, which makes it one of the most affordable, ruggedized Bluetooth speakers around. If you’re interested in picking one of these babies up, all you have to do is contact Kimstore who sells them here in the Philippines. Each purchase of the Elliot Audio Bluetooth Speaker also gets you a spiffy water-resistant pouch to put the speaker in when you’re not using it.

(This post was made in partnership with Kimstore)

John Nieves

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  1. Sir can you provide info po on the following:
    1. Does it come in a fully labeled box? (or parang some generic box lang)
    2. Driver size po?
    3. Watts?
    I visited Kimstore online as soon as I saw your post about the speaker, however I’m still waiting for their reply. Just want to know kasi I’m really interested in buying one. I’m hoping that the manual or the speaker’s box can provide some info on the said details.

    Thanks very much

      1. Hi ask lang po..bkit ung elliot speaker ko
        Ayw na nya tumunog.khit na ka connect nmn xa cp..last day ok ayaw na..pls air pkisagot.09061640391 yan po no.ko.tnx

    1. I got mine from Kimstore just this afternoon. Hassle free at mabilis ang pag konek ng bluetooth. Call center quality ang info voices. Hindi chinese na nag eenglish. Maganda ang audio. Malakas at high quality. It has a good vocal clarity. Ayos ang treble. Yung bass di kalakasan considering na maliit lang sya. Pero HINDI sya tunog lata. I am an audio enthusiast. I do audio editing. Pasado sya sa listening standard ko. I’m sure pasado rin to sa American/Japan standard. Hehe. I am also a mountaineer. Hahaha! Kaya kayong mga bundukero buy nyo to. Rubberized yung gilid tsaka water resistant at splash proof. May water resistant pouch pa. Tsaka may pangsabit sa puno. Astig, talagang pang bundok. My rating 9/10 sa presyong 999.

  2. just got mine yesterday! I love the sound quality and the waterproof nature of it.. and #1 selling pt is sound quality, very good. Easy connectivity too…

  3. Is there a reset setting in this?. Mine just got hang…I tried long pressing the off/on button but still doesn’t work.:(.please help

      1. ANUNG GINAWA NIO SA MGA NAG HANG NA ELLIOT THRU HANDS FREE CALLING I THINK?or other reason… SA MUSIC NMN OK NA OK ganda ng bass with the help of VIPER app sa android

  4. Ung skin ayaw nmn na tumukog..pero nag coconect xa..ano ginawa nyo.salamat.09061640391 patxt na lang po.salamat

  5. naghang ung akin tapos na off ko but still can connect to bluetooth..can turn it on again what to do???

  6. how do you do a hard reset? naghang yung akin,. ngayon ayaw magrespond kahit anong gawin ko,. may magagawa pa ba tayo dito?

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