The Epson EF-100 is the Tiniest 3LCD Projector to Date

It can project up to a 150-inch screen!

With most of our time spent at home these days, having a good entertainment system is a must-have. While upgrading to bigger TVs is what comes into mind, Epson is offering an alternative with its 3LCD projectors. With its use of three separate liquid crystal display panels, 3LCD tech aims to offer vibrant, true-to-life, and consistent images to its users.

With the rapid evolution of technology, Epson managed to pack its 3LCD tech in a very compact package with the EF-100. Epson’s latest portable projector measures around 21cm and weighs around 2.7kg and can project up to a 150-inch display in HD. It is bright as well, with its 2000 lumens light output. It is packed with features like HDMI and Bluetooth, making it a great addition to any room at home.

Epson Philippines has yet disclosed the pricing and availability of the EF-100.

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