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Epson Launchs New Value Projectors

EPC Product Manager (PM) for Visual Imaging, Lyn Lizarondo

Affordable projectors for everyone

Aside from new their new L-Series of projectors, Epson also unveiled their new value line of projectors at their event the other day. The new projectors boast higher minimum lumens for both color and white output, which allows the projectors to deliver vivid and realistic colors.


“Aside from increased lumens, the new Epson projectors offer longer lamp life and increased contrast ratio. And the new-generation Epson projectors also include Epson’s first WUXGA resolution in the entry level projectors. WUXGA stands for Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array, a technology with a display resolution of 1920×1200 pixels with a 16:10 screen aspect ratio. This ensures that a small investment for even our entry level projectors will give Epson customers a brighter and clearer view similar to high-end monitors and HDTV,” explained EPC Product Manager (PM) for Visual Imaging, Lyn Lizarondo.


The new projectors also boast a nifty split-screen mode that allows the projector to show images from two sources on a single screen, handy for teleconferences. The new projectors also sport 5000 to 10000-hour lamp lives, and even if you do manage to burn out the lamps, the replacement lamps for the projectors in the series are a mere Php 3,490.


Prices for the new projectors start at just Php 17,090 for the EB-S04, and goes all the way up to Php 39,190 for the top-of-the-line EB-U32.

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