EPSON’s Paper Lab Recycles Paper Without Water Right In Your Office


A greener way to recycle paper

While many offices and corporations take active steps to recycle paper, the sad truth is that the recycling process still uses up a ton of energy and resources to function. Paper needs to be shipped to recycling plants via trucks which still contribute their own carbon emissions to the atmosphere, and the act of recylcing paper itself consumes water – up to a cup of water per sheet.

EPSON has managed to find a way to dramatically cut down on that through their newest product, the Paper Lab. This machine allows large companies to recycle paper right in their offices, without water, ensuring a lower carbon footprint.

Instead of using water, EPSON’s Paper Lab uses a dry process that pulverizes paper down to its fibers and rebinds and forms them into new, clean paper using high pressure. The machine can create varying thickness and size of paper, even different colors and scents. The machine can produce around 6,720 A4 sheets per day of operation, which makes it the perfect device for large corporations that have a stack of old documents that they want to dispose of, cleanly.

John Nieves

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