Eubiq Power Track

Eubiq Power Track in the Office!

It doesn’t get better than this. There’s no better way to manage your electrical cords and power needs. Eubiq is the most life-changing power management system in the market today and it’s here in the Philippines!

What is Eubiq?
Eubiq is, simply put, an extension cord that can fit multiple sockets. But it features its patented Ground Sentry Shutter (GSS) system, which a multitude of benefits:

  1. It prevents anyone from getting grounded when touching it and has fire retardants to prevent electricity-caused fires,
  2. It has a rubber cover that protects the electrical parts from getting wet, and makes it spill-resistant,
  3. The way this is made also allows you to plug in to any point on the track and still get power for your gadgets.

The Eubiq power track offers three things combined that other extension cords don’t have: function, form, class.

For something that looks so simple, it can be used in so many ways. It can be applied in any environment—industrial, restaurant, hotel room, kitchens, hospital rooms, residences.

Eubiq also can fit various devices and different power outlet systems, like a HK/SG socket, a Japan socket, a US socket or a UK socket. There are adaptors for all power sockets–and they can be plugged into the same power track (Of course, voltage can’t be mixed up). You can also plug in virtually anything: Eubiq has awesome adaptors that can fit any device. It fits 12 adaptors per 1 meter of track. That means 12 devices plugged in at a time! This is a major space saver.

Eubiq Power Track in the Kitchen!
Talk about having a "classy" extension chord right? Haha!
No need to bend down to plug the laptop to the extension chord beneath the desk!

How do you use an adaptor? So just plug it in and twist. We guarantee an immediate ooh when you do. That was our first reaction when we tried it. Check this video out to get an idea of how to do the plugging and twisting. :)

Eubiq has modular tracks that you can get and use off-the-shelf but you can also contact them so that they can measure and install the tracks like how it was done in the photos above.

To get in touch with Eubiq Philippines, visit their Facebook Page and leave a comment. The admins should get back to you as soon as they can. :)

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