Facebook Announces It’s Own 360-degree Camera, Gives Away Its Plans For Free


It’s fully open source so you can build your own if you wanted to

Aside from opening up its Live API to everybody, Facebook also announced their own 360-degree camera to help flesh out 360 videos and images on your timeline. The new camera appropriately dubbed Facebook Surround 360 is capable of capturing footage and then rendering it online with very little post-processing required.


What’s interesting is that the camera isn’t being offered for sale by the company. Instead, it’s offering the plans to build and make it for free, in the hopes that hardware hackers, tinkerers and manufacturers can take the idea and improve on it, which hopefully will result in more videos on your timeline. While Facebook’s camera rig isn’t new, the biggest problem that people face is the amount of computational power needed to stitch images shot together to make both 360 degree and 3D video.


Facebook will be putting the plans for the Facebook Surround 360 Camera up on GitHub in Q2.

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