Facebook May Be Reviving Project Ara

It’s hired multiple people involved in the project

The dream of the truly modular phone died in 2016 when Google decided to end Project Ara, their take on the modular smartphone, before ever producing a single viable commercial prototype. While there have been other companies who have both failed and moderately succeeded with the idea of modularity, there hasn’t been anything quite like the ambitious project in recent memory.

Well, it looks like Facebook is looking to revive the project, as it’s hired many of the same people who worked on Project Ara, including Regina Dugan who previously oversaw the development of the ambitious tech.

According to Business Insider, Dugan is running the entire project through a secretive division in Facebook named as Building 8. There’s also this patent application filed by Facebook, describing a “chassis and a plurality of functional modules that can be connected to the chassis,” with intended uses being smartphones and smart speakers. Sound familiar?

Now while we’re excited at the prospect at having modular phones (who isn’t really), realistically a retail example is still years off. Remember, Facebook isn’t a hardware manufacturer – they’re a software company by trade, and you can see why it’ll take quite a bit of time before you can buy a phone that can have truly modular innards.


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