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Filipino Whiz Kid Creates a Wall Outlet Power Bank

It can charge up most laptops!

Remember that kid that created a life-sized BB-8 robot a few years ago? Well, he’s back again with a new project that everyone will definitely like!

This time around, Angelo Casimiro—a student at De La Salle University—created a power bank that is equipped with an AC outlet. Casimiro’s latest creation is capable of powering up various appliances, from electric fans, desk lamps, to even most laptops in the market.

Using an AC-DC inverter, three 8000mAh Li-Ion batteries, a Li-Ion charger module, three rectifier diodes, a switching regulator, and a switch, Casimiro creates his DIY power bank, all housed in a box he created using a 3D printer.

There are some disclaimers to Casimiro’s latest work: His DIY work is made for educational purposes, and he is working on to improve the design further. Nonetheless, it is cool to know that a Filipino teen has come up a clever solution to extend our gaming sessions with our laptops while we are far away from an outlet.

Check out the DIY video below:



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