“Find My Phone” Foils Theft of 100 Smartphones at Coachella

Turn It On, Folks! Better Safe than Sorry!

Coachella is one of the biggest art and music festivals in the world! While most people are there to get down and literally dirty while listening to awesome tunes, others are there to prey on the preoccupied festival goers. The person you see in the photo below is that of Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, the man who ALMOST walked away with a hundred smartphones. Henao took advantage of the massive crowd to be able to snag all these phones, but forgot one important thing — the “Find My Phone” app.

People who realized their phones were missing activated the app and soon pointed them in the direction of the New York native who was carrying his loot in a backpack. With a few of the owners already reunited with their phones, the Indio Police Department in California took Henao into custody and was charged with grand theft and possession of stolen property. He has since then posted bail amounting to $10,000 and has been released.

Let this be a cautionary tale. Turn on your “Find My Phone” app, because you never know.

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Jamie Inocian

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