Firefly Mobile Candy: “Internet and Facebook Ready” Feature Phone for Php 499

Firefly Mobile’s cheap feature phone for the summer

Next up is Firefly Mobile with their feature phone for the season, the Candy. What makes the Candy special, according to the company’s spiel, is its large (for a budget dumbphone) 1.8-inch Clear Crystal display, Internet capabilities and the touted Cleartech Camera “that lets you take quality photos.”

Firefly Mobile Candy

  • 1.8-inch Clear Crystal LCD display
  • Cleartech Camera
  • “Internet and Facebook Ready”, Bluetooth
  • Torchlight function, FM radio, headphone jack, micro USB port
  • 750mAh battery
  • SRP 499

Best to ask their local sales staff on the complete specifications of this phone because their Facebook post barely describes what this phone is really capable of. But hey, it’s a cheap feature phone that can connect to the Internet. That should be good enough?

Source: Firefly Mobile


  1. if that thing had 3g AND a hotspot, then that would be interesting.

    btw, all “dumbphones” can connect to the internet, you only get GPRS speeds though.

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