First 100 iPhone 8 Customers to Receive Prizes from Power Mac Center

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

If you’re thinking of buying the new iPhone 8 or the bigger iPhone 8 Plus, you might as well get a bunch of freebies while you’re at it.

Power Mac Center will give their first 100 customers during their November 17 midnight launch at Greenbelt 3 with accessories and gift checks. The first 23 buyers will get a curated starter kit loaded with a wireless charger, wall charger, power bank, earphones, iPhone case, screen protector, lightning adapter, and a cleaner. Customers #24-#100 will get an iPhone case, screen protector, and lightning cable.The first 23 buyers stand to get freebies of at least Php7,000 while the next 76 will get freebies worth Php3,000.

But Wait… There’s More!

Apart from the instant freebies, customers who buy their iPhone 8 at the midnight launch are qualified to join a raffle where they can win a brand new iPhone 8 or a Php20,000 gift cheque! You can read more about the details of this promo here.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to buy one iPhone 8 and then you end up going with 2 units for the price of one? Hehe.

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