First Look: A New Huawei Phone launching very soon!

So, okay, the cat’s out of the bag now. That Photodump Friday folder we showed yesterday from a yet-to-be-announced phone was from Huawei. While we can’t reveal what that phone is…YET, we can show you guys more photos of the gorgeous 18:9  shooter.

Look at that beaut.

The form factor looks and feels amazing with the fingerprint scanner moving from the front to the back to leave Huawei to expand the screen size further.

The phone seems to be equipped with two rear and a front camera with flash giving you better optics regardless of where you look.

If that got you all tingly inside, stay tuned to Unbox for timely updates on what we feel could be another sensation for Huawei!


Colin Chan

Colin is Unbox's resident Nokia Lumia fanboy. He's inept in any other OS but he's trying his best to go easy on him. What he lacks in technical know-how he makes up with a wealth of cultural knowledge--hence he writes (or should be writing) Movie Reviews and other things like men's fashion and whatnot.

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