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First Globe iPhone 5 goes to Zac Efron?

First “official” iPhone 5 from Globe to go to Zac Efron?

Joyce A. Ramirez from PublicityAsia tweeted earlier this afternoon a photo of the iPhone 5 that Globe supposedly gave to Zac Efron who is currently in the Philippines for an endorsement deal. This picture is the first ever “official” iPhone 5 we’ve seen since Apple usually wants telco partners to still be hush-hush until a few days prior to local launches. Either by accident on the side of PublicityAsia or by design, this will definitely get a lot of Filipinos excited for Apple’s record-breaking iPhone 5.

I wonder when we’ll actually get to see it being sold “officially” here? Anyway, to wet your appetites some more, here’s Apple’s TVC for the iPhone 5 which is currently airing in the US.

Via Yugatech

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