Five Awesome Features of the Galaxy Note 8

These features should convince you to splurge on the Note 8


It’s finally out! Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is packed with the latest tech, and is sure to be a redemption from last year’s fiasco with the Note 7. However, its exorbitant price tag of Php 49,990 may turn off a lot of people, but we do think that the price jump is justifiable. Still wishy-washy about getting the Note 8? Here are five awesome features that made us like Samsung’s flagship phablet:

1. Bixby Voice. Samsung’s long-awaited voice assistant launches officially together with the Note 8. Similar to Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, Bixby makes use of voice, text, touch, and even your camera to help you with your daily tasks. Now that Bixby supports English, those who have used it so far said that it is as good (or even better) than Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri. As an added bonus, the Note 8 also supports Amazon’s Alexa, giving you more options for voice assistance.

2. Dual OIS Rear cameras. A first in any smartphone, Samsung managed to incorporate OIS on both rear cameras, while keeping the whole rear of the Note 8 flat and free of any protrusion. Having dual OIS would mean more stable video, whether you are using the Note 8’s f/1.7 primary camera or f/2.4 secondary camera.

3. Live Focus. Dual cameras in smartphones would mean better bokeh and portrait shots. In the case of the Note 8, they pushed technology further with Live Focus. With this unique feature, you can adjust the blur effect of a photo during and after you take the photo. You heard that right: After taking a photo, you can make minor adjustments to the photograph’s bokeh effect if you feel that you are not satisfied enough with your portrait mode shots.

4. Iris Scanner. First appearing on the S8/S8+, the Note 8 also boasts of an Iris Scanner, which is the most secure option out of the three (the other two being facial recognition and fingerprint scan). The Iris Scanner is so accurate, unlocking the Note 8 is a breeze!

5. Dual apps. How to make the most out of the Note 8’s gorgeous 6.3-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display? By using multiple apps at once thanks to the phone’s dual app support. You can write emails while watching your favorite YouTube show or browse through your Facebook and Instagram feeds simultaneously. It is a feature Millennials will definitely love.


BONUS: The Note 8’s Strong Protective Stand case. Among the many phone cases Samsung will be releasing together with the Note 8, the Protective Stand case is the one that stood out. A sleek bumper case for the Note 8, this particular one has a kickstand for watching your favorite shows. It’s a durable one too: Having a Mil-Spec Certification, this can handle harsh drops. We tried to do a “karate chop” on the case (with the phone on it of course), dislodging the kickstand. Yet even if the kickstand flew away, it took us a few seconds to put it back into the case—as if nothing happened!


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  1. 1. Bixby is just another voice assistant that not everyone would use and the internet here in the Philippines is not up to the task.
    2. That dual camera ois is just the same with the phone thats filming a video with ois. you can argue with bokeh effect but really that earns it a premium pricetag for a feature that not really everyone uses?
    3. Iris scanner is with S8 which is a ton cheaper than this.
    4. dual app support can be done by other phones as well as tablets.

    that hefty pricetag for a stained lineup of galaxy note. they should have priced it better. it might be justifiable but given their history, I wont want to spend my hard earned cash until they prove themselves first. they shouldve priced it competitively and worked its way up to build customer trust again.

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