Five Key Improvements of the Vivo V9

More than just perfect selfies

Vivo has upped their game with the launch of the V9. Being launched 6 months after the V7+, the V9 has several key differences from its predecessor. While we made a comparo differentiating the two, here’s a more in-depth discussion of the key improvements on the V9:

Optimized for gaming

While they have the same internal storage and RAM configuration, the V9’s use of a Snapdragon 626 processor gives it a better performance for gaming. With that, Vivo incorporated a few gaming-related features on the V9, which include Game Mode for an uninterrupted gaming session, and Smart engine for an optimized RAM and processor allocation for a smooth gaming experience.


More screen estate

Aside from going for a Full HD+ panel the V9 offers more screen estate than the V7+ with its 6.3-inch display. The screen upgrade contributes to a 90% screen-to-body ratio, made possible by reducing the side bezels to just 1.75mm.


Dual rear cameras

For the first time in the V series, the V9 now sports a dual rear camera setup consisting of a 16-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel secondary camera. Aside from the rear camera upgrade, the incorporation of AI features—which include Face Beauty, HDR, and a bokeh algorithm, help V9 users achieve stellar photos.

AI Face Beauty

For its 24-megapixel selfie camera, Vivo gave an update to the V9 with AI Face Beauty for more natural and flattering selfies. To make that work, Vivo’s AI Face Beauty has a database of almost one million facial images to determine the users’ age, sex, skin tone, and texture.


AR stickers

Of course, Vivo wants its users to enjoy using the V9, which is why it has added AR stickers to the camera app. Featuring over 40+ built-in AR Stickers, users have the freedom to express their creativity in taking that selfie.


Check out more about the V9 with this video below:


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  1. Why do they always love to call it AI everytime an improvement is done. Vivo and Oppo is infected with these disease together with Asus,

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