Focal Bird Sound System Review

Focal Bird Sound System Review

REVIEW: Focal Bird Sound System

When the local distributor of Focal sent word that the Focal Bird System was now available in the Philippines and we would be able to spend time with it I was thrilled! I’m a huge fan of their products, especially the Focal XS Multimedia System which we’ve already featured here on Unbox. We were able to spend a little over 2 weeks with the Focal Bird and it definitely did not disappoint. Check out our full review below.

Overview of the Focal Bird Sound System

The Focal Bird Sound System is made up of three major components. The sum of these parts make it an outstanding and flexible sound system that will fit perfectly in your living room.

Power Bird

The Power Bird.

The Power Bird has the controls, subwoofers, and amplifiers. It’s actually amazing how they were able to cram so much in this unit. Based on their site, the Power Bird has one of the most compact and flattest subwoofers. You can actually find this underneath the unit.

The subwoofer at the belly of the Power Bird

All the cables and ports are at the back.

Little Bird Speakers

The next component are the speakers. You can actually pick from three: Little Bird (smaller, compact), Bird (average size), and the Super Bird (wall mounted, best for home theater set-ups). The three have different pros and cons. We were lent the Little Bird so we’ll tackle that in this review.

The Little Bird is made up of two speakers. Inside the box you’ll find two types of stands. You can actually just have this stand up on your desk or you can wall mount it. What’s pretty cool with the Little Bird is the magnetic latch at the back of the speakers which you take out when you need to connect the wires from the Power Bird. Yeah, this product should win a design award, haha!

Back plate removed exposes the area where you connect the cables (magnetic)
The Little Bird Speakers side-by-side on top of the Power Bird

The Little Bird Speakers are solid, durable, and stylish. This is definitely another product that’s smack in the middle of the intersection of technology and design.

Kleer Wireless Technology

Kleer Wireless Technology. You connect this to your iPod, iPad, or iPhone and you can stream your music.
The last component of the Focal Bird System is the Kleer Wireless Connector. You basically plug this in your iPad, iPod, or iPhone and it will allow you to stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your mobile device to the Focal Bird Speakers. What’s unique about Kleer is that it’s still able to transmit your music in CD quality via Bluetooth. This isn’t the case with a lot of Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Sound Quality

The Focal Bird System

The Little Bird speakers combined with the Power Bird makes for a musical tsunami experience. The music literally washes over you. The sound signature is very natural and open which is intriguing considering the speakers are quite small compared to your usual home theater system. The sound is very clear, balanced, and detailed. The soundstage is deep and definitely in the middle which gives you a 3-dimensional experience especially when you’re listening to live tracks. You can literally turn off the lights, close your eyes, sit back, and feel as if you’re in the concert. The Focal Bird System is no slouch in the bass department as well. The subwoofer of the Power Bird delivers deep, rich, and powerful bass.

If I were to summarize the review in one simple sentence, it would be that the Focal Bird Sound System is the perfect audio solution to come home to after a long day of work. I can’t recall how many times I came home and just kicked back and relaxed, listening to Jason Mraz on the Focal Bird System (streaming from my iPad) while sipping a glass of red wine. There were also days when I wanted to watch a movie at home with friends on my TV with the Bird System hooked up to it for outstanding audio (works well in average sized living rooms).

All three pieces, the Kleer Wireless Connector, the Little Bird Speakers, and the Power Bird, all blend in seamlessly and they will bring you to some sort of musical nirvana.

Pricing and Availability

So how much is it? The Focal Little Bird System will set you back Php53,950. If you want bigger speakers, you can go for the Focal Bird System which is priced at Php60,700. We’ll check again with the distributor if the Power Bird speakers are available already locally. The iTransmitter using Kleer technology is an additional Php6,000.

You can check out and test the FOCAL Bird System at AVDI (Audio Visual Driver Int’l) in Shangrila Mall.

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