Focal XS 2.1 Multimedia Sound System

Focal XS 2.1 Multimedia Sound System... or "GORGEOUS" for short ๐Ÿ˜€

I first saw the Focal XS 2.1 Multimedia Sound System last weekend when I was doing window shopping at Power Mac Center Greenbelt. It was on display in the speaker section and it immediately grabbed my attention. Since it was attached to an iMac and iTunes was on display I thought it was meant to be auditioned. I picked a hiphop track on the playlist and played it. Little did I know that the volume settings were on maximum! Alicia Keys and Jay-z blasted in the store and literally everyone looked at me! Yes, it was embarrassing. But I swear this thing gave off extremely clear sound quality, powerful bass, and could have passed off as a 5.1 set.


Here are a few more photos:

We were able to score a review unit and we currently have it with us for a week. We’ll do a complete review next week!

The Focal XS 2.1 Multimedia Sound System retails for Php32,000. It’s available in Power Mac Center stores and Audio Visual Driver Int’l (AVDI) located at 4th Floor Shang-rila Mall.

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