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Four-way Specs Matchup: Meizu M1 Note VS. Firefly Mobile Intense 64 LTE VS. Lenovo A7000 VS. Alcatel Flash Plus


The battle of the best mid-range phone has never been tighter!

With the announcement of Lenovo’s A7000 heading to the PH, the battle for the ultimate bang for the buck phone for the mid-range segment has never been hotter. Four devices will soon be competing for your hard earned money: the Meizu M1 Note, the Alcatel Flash Plus, Lenovo A7000 and the Firefly Mobile Intense 64 LTE,  and with that we thought it would be helpful to take a look at the specs of each device and compare them with each other. It’s important to note that aside from the M1 Note, we haven’t held the three other smartphones in this article, so we’ll be going by their spec sheets for comparison and not user experience. Let’s take a look at their specs:

Specs comparo1

Processor: Meizu M1 Note

All of the four phones in this comparison article are powered by MediaTek’s SoCs, but the Meizu M1 Note has the fastest processor of the lot. The 1.7GHz MT6752 octa-core processor trumps the lower-clocked MT6752M processor of the Alcatel Flash Plus and the Lenovo A7000, as well as the MT6732 quad-core processor on the Firefly Mobile Intense 64 LTE.

RAM: Four-way tie

It’s a tie between all four phones since they all have 2GB of RAM.

Display: Meizu M1 Note

This wasn’t a big surprise nor a close race – the 5.5-inch, full HD display of the Meizu M1 Note trumps all other three challengers because it has a full HD display, compared to the HD display of the three other smartphones.

Storage: Two-way tie between Alcatel Flash Plus and Firefly Mobile Intense 64 LTE

The Meizu M1 Note only has a measly 16GB of storage on board with around 11GB left for the user when they start using it, which severly limits the amount of apps, games and media that you can put in it. In contrast, both the Alcatel Flash Plus and the Firefly Mobile Intense 64 LTE have 16GB storage and an option to expand it further via microSD.

Camera: Three-way tie between Meizu M1 Note, Firefly Mobile Intense 64 LTE and Alcatel Flash Plus

Since we don’t have sample photos from all three cameras mentioned above, we’re going to go by their raw megapixel count. In that regard, all three smartphones mentioned above all sport 13-megapixel rear cameras, and though the Alcatel Flash Plus has the potential of winning the camera category because of its Sony IMX sensor, we can’t make a verdict until we see actual sample photos side by side from the three phones.

SIM and LTE connectivity: Two-way tie between Firefly Mobile Intense 64 LTE and Alcatel Flash Plus

The Meizu M1 Note and the Lenovo A7000 does not have dual LTE capability, so it’s a tie between the Firefly Mobile Intense 64 LTE and the Alcatel Flash Plus.

Battery: Alcatel Flash Plus

With a slower clocked CPU and a less power-hungry HD display, this round goes to the Alcatel Flash Plus and its 3500mAh battery.

OS: Lenovo A7000

Lenovo’s A7000 is the only phone of the bunch that sports Lollipop out of the box. All the other three smartphones are all Android 4.4 KitKat, though its manufacturers have promised updates to Lollipop in the near future.

Price: Alcatel Flash Plus

Starting at just Php 6,990, the Alcatel Flash Plus beats out the cheapest M1 Note by around Php 1K. We don’t know the pricing for the A7000 as of yet, unfortunately.

So there you go guys. Which one of these phones would you buy given the chance? Let us know in the comments below!

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. Please include O+ Evo 4g and the Blackview Alife S1.
    The O+ phone has the same processor though it has less ram
    The Blackview phone has 5inch full hd, 2gb ram / 16gb rom and the same processor plus an IR blaster.

  2. Meizu M1 note is not Dual LTE it’s single 2g and LTE.

    I’m rooting for the M1 note and Alcatel to be the top players of this budget year!

    I hate lenovo just the same as Huawei when they promised an upgrade but never delivered, FireFly Intense… well… expandable sure… camera… err… tried but i couldn’t tell if it’s good because of how pixelated the screen is, the colors are very bright and vivid but you can really see the pixel edges even at normal view and it bothered me when i’m used to the M1 note!

    oh and the M1 note just gave it’s users more functionality and improvements with it’s new update ^_^ i can now change the temperature of the screen from warm to cold! and the volume have gotten a bit better~ and battery life is now even tight!

      1. on the “Upgrade” app it should have automatically alert you of a new update if you are always on wifi. You have to factory reset it to give it a cleaner boot log so it doesn’t conflict with the older version. Don’t worry though, you can back it up with Meizu’s own Back up program in the settings ^^

        the backup will not disappear when you factory reset it, but just in case, it’s better to keep it in a USB or in your computer in case something might happen. Just copy “Backup” folder when you have finished backing up your files with the Meizu Back up program and then Factory reset! after it’s clean and fresh just use the same Back up program to recover!

  3. mid-range? bakit di ksama asus zenfone 2? dahil ba price lang ang midrange at ang specs ay pang high-end? 😀

  4. Hmmmmmmmmm……..Is the Meizu m1 note has a 2x better than the alcatel flash plus?
    Im not that good of knowing the Mediateck but wich is better, the proccesor of the Alcatel or the Intel atom quadcore?………is The mediatek have a heat issue?

      1. It’s only a down-clock version so theoretically it’s only 15% slower than the Meizu, but it’s not a bad thing really since it’s a lot cooler that way! unless of course the design of the phone doesn’t improve on that 😛

        and for heat issues eeeh… my Meizu does get pretty warm when covered in a case but when naked it’s stays really cool~ so pick your cases well! something that conducts heat so it will spread evenly on the surface to cool off!

  5. alcatel syempre, f available lang on brick-and-mortar stores this will have success like ZF5, at 6990 it’s the best bang-for-thebuck phone. ok na sana meizu kaso 12gig available memory? games, songs, pictures, media at torrent pa, ang pics at media mapagtyatyagaan pang ilipat agad, pru ang app data, games at songs panu na, kulang ang non expandable 16gig..

  6. I’ll go for the Firefly Mobile intense 64 LTE.. what i love most about it is it has a removable 2800mAh battery.. and u can even buy a spare battery from firefly mobile.. 🙂 .. And most specialy i love the design and price.. ^_^

  7. Sir please have an unbox and full review of firefly mobile intense 64 LTE. Including gaming, camera, soun, etc. thank you.

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