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Fujifilm Cuts Prices of Lenses, Cameras in PH


There’s never been a better time to shift to mirrorless

If you’ve been eyeing Fujifilm’s retro-inspired mirrorless cameras, we have good news for you – the company has announced that they are cutting the prices of their lenses and cameras including the recently unveiled X-T10, and the company’s X-T1.

Fujifilm has cut the prices of their flagship X-T1 up to Php 10,000, reducing the overall price to just 69,990 from Php 79,990. The X-T10 has also received a price cut of Php 5,000, reducing the price to Php 35,990 down from Php 40,990. You can check out the reduced prices below:

Fujifilm Cameras

Fujifilm also cut the prices of some of their more popular lenses by up to 50%.

Fujifilm lenses

The promo period for the reduced prices runs until November 30. The prices for the lenses will run till the end of September.

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