Fujifilm’s New X-T1 IR Camera Can See (And Shoot) In IR


A camera aimed at professionals

Fujifilm’s X-T1 mirrorless camera garnered critical acclaim when it was released, possessing a fairly good slew of features with an attractive, retro styling. Now the company’s re-releasing the X-T1 with a new addition: IR capabilities.

The camera is aimed not at consumers, but professionals that need that extra edge when they work. Shooting in the infrared spectrum (which is invisible to the naked eye) is useful because it gives people like crime-scene investigators, healthcare professionals and even scientists the extra edge when it comes to their work. Crime scene investigators can see blood trails that have been wiped clean by perps and crooks.

In some way the X-T1 IR can also be used by photographers that want a different take in some of their photos,┬ásince shooting in the IR spectrum allows for eerie, hauntingly beautiful photos. The privilege won’t come cheap – even though the X-T1 IR has the same megapixel count and features as the previous model (16-megapixel APS-C sensor, WiFi connectivity, OLED viewfinder) it’s priced at a whopping $1,700 (Php 77580) for just the body.

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