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G4 And V10 Owners Sue LG For Bootloop Issues

They say LG should have offered more help

While LG’s smartphones are generally solid pieces of kit, the company’s high-end efforts have been hounded by controversy, namely boot loop issues. Well, some people don’t think that the company has done enough to help owners that have been afflicted by this problem, and four G4 and V10 owners are now suing the Korean company who they say “was aware, or reasonably should have been aware” of a hardware flaw that caused the phones to enter a state of perpetual booting dubbed the boot loop, where the phones were rendered unusable.

The problems with the G4 and the V10 regarding the boot loop issue isn’t unknown, and LG eventually admitted to the problem. Users managed to trace the issue to the processor separating from the board. A cursory Google search revealed that many people have encountered this issue with the phones mentioned in the lawsuit. 

The suit contends that even after the boot loop issue was known, LG still started manufacturing said phones with the defect, and that the company did not do enough to help people who were affected by the problem. One of the plaintiffs who sent their defective V10 to be fixed received a replacement unit that boot looped out of the box.



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  1. Hi. My lg g4 has bootloop as well. We brought it back to LG service ctr in megamall and they replaced the processor already but still we cannot use it. How can we have it replaced? Pls help!

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