Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Scores 121 in DxOMark

A point behind the Galaxy S20 Ultra

With the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra being Samsung’s hottest phone as of the moment, DxOMark recently wrapped up its battery of tests to the S-Pen wielding phablet flagship. While it failed to impress the guys at DxOMark with a score of 121—a point below the Galaxy S20 Ultra and a whopping 7 points behind the P40 Pro, this does not discount the fact that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still part of DxOMark’s top-performing smartphones for 2020.

Based on DxOMark’s tests, while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra delivered almost the same level of image quality as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the former struggled through with telephoto shots—there was a noticeable loss in detail in the medium telephoto (3x-4x zoom) range. Otherwise, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra still delivered excellent exposure in most shooting conditions even if its dynamic range can’t match its rivals in the premium flagship segment.

The same goes for video: aside from 4K30 as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s sweet spot, its overall performance is very close to that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. While it scored slightly lower, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has an edge with its improved stabilization system.

While we are in the process of completing our full review of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, here’s our quick review:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Hands-on, Quick Review: The Note You Should Get

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