Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Survive Durability Test

Material upgrades made it tougher than ever

Aside from being more expensive than last year’s S8 and S8+, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ have one major improvement: That is the materials used for the phone, as it is said to be more durable than ever. Or as how JerryRigEverything would put it.

On his initial impressions with the Galaxy S9, he noted that Samsung’s 2018 flagship uses thicker glass for both the front and back, along with an upgraded aluminum chassis. While it did add weight to the S9, it is a good sign for a quality build.

Going through JerryRigEverything’s usual torture test, the Galaxy S9 survived every scratch, burn, and bend test. What’s significant is with the burn test, where the Galaxy S9’s AMOLED panel was able to recover after being exposed to open fire for several seconds.

While the Gorilla Glass’ oleophobic coating did not fare well, it is impressive that the pixels on the AMOLED panel returned to normal after the burn test, unlike other phones JerryRigEverything tested previously.

Check out the durability test video below:


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