Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini 4G Stick Day 1 Review

Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini Stick -- 10mbps?

Globe recently launched the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini 4G Stick which is supposed to deliver up to 10mbps when connected to the HSPA+ network. Globe’s HSPA+ coverage barely covers majority of Metro Manila yet so it’s crucial that we also test this against areas without HSPA+ to see how much speed we will be getting from it. The Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini is a hefty investment since it will cost Php2,199 monthly and there’s a lock-in period of 24 months. Not a lot of people are willing to dive in and test. That’s where we come in. >:D

We bought and subscribed to the service. This is not a trial or demo unit from Globe. We are not endorsers or paid to do this. But since we’re internet addicts and we just love to review cutting edge stuff we took the plunge! And yes, even if Smart hasn’t rolled out LTE commercially yet we’ve already set our minds (and our budgets) to subscribing to it as well when it comes out so we can compare both products!

Before anything else though let me just define some of the network terms. The Globe Lambo Tattoo Stick can connect to either of three networks: WCDMA, HSDPA , and HSPA+. The HSPA+ is supposed to be the one that delivers up to 10mbps but it’s only available in limited areas.

DAY 1: FORT BONIFACIO, TAGUIG (Marajo Tower along 26th St. corner 4th)

Average speed in the office

First stop is my office in Fort Bonifacio. Average speed plays around 600kbps to 1.2mbps. Limited to WCDMA and HSDPA networks only. This was my first ever try so I was disappointed. However later in the afternoon speed suddenly goes up to almost 3mbps while still connected to just the WCDMA and HSDPA network.

Highest speed using WCDMA/HSDPA network. (Fort Bonifacio, Marajo Tower)

Average speed for the office though the entire afternoon didn’t really go past 1.5mbps. Definitely not happy. However a pleasant surprise is waiting for me at home.

Tried it again at home. I was worried since the display said I can’t connect to HSPA+, just WCDMA and HSDPA. Connected and did speed test. Amazing results! It’s not 10mbps but I’m still happy, haha!

Highest I got was around 4.1, didn't get to screenshot thought ><

Seeing 3.8mbps was a delight since I’m paying close to 2k for our 2mbps PLDT connection at home. I tried to check out how fast downloading via torrents would be with this speed and this is the result:

Fastest I got was 450 KB/s, will do more torrents and screenshot later

Not bad! Note that I’m still just connected to the HSDPA and WCDMA networks. Haven’t tried the Lambo yet on an actual HSPA+ site.

Our Superficial Complaints
Other than the lousy speed at the office we only have two more issues with the Tonino as of this writing. First is the size of this thing! If you plug this in a MacBook Pro you can’t plug any other USB device on the second slot since the body eats up the space. Our second complaint is the product presentation. They just put a cheap sticker with the Tonino Lamborghini logo on the top side of the Huawei USB stick. They could have used better material for it. These are things that can be addressed with future models though. πŸ™‚

That closes Day 1 with the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini 4G Stick. Sadly we weren’t able to hook it up to the HSPA+ network to see anything close to 10mbps. But the 3.8mbps – 4.2mbps speed at home isn’t bad either. Hopefully we’ll find a spot in Fort Bonifacio tomorrow.

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  1. Avatar

    hmmmm great review carlo!
    i want to try this din, kaso i want a pre paid lang

  2. Avatar

    “Other than the lousy speed”
    – well it says “up to” lolz…

    “If you plug this in a MacBook Pro you can’t plug any other USB device on the second slot since the body eats up the space”
    -use a cheap cdrking usb extension :), just roll the wire and use a zip tie…

    • Avatar

      Yep but paying 2.1k monthly for a service that can just deliver 1.5mbps isn’t my cup of tea. Especially if the maximum is 10mbps. Hopefully it will improve when the HSPA+ network expands in coverage later this year πŸ™‚

      Re: your idea that’s exactly what I did, hehe. I bought a cheap USB extension from CDR King! w00t!

  3. Avatar

    dude, since you’re at it — can you please do a speed test to a Singapore and an LA server? and can you do it during peak hours like 6-9pm? hehe sorry dami request. you know i’m a cheapo and will not get myself to pay penalty for cancelling another lock-in period due to poor service πŸ˜€

    or better yet, have you tried watching ustream with it?

  4. Avatar

    hi carlo,

    You’re on a mac, just wondering if there’s a call feature in the lambo? I reckon only windows had the call feature, and OSX only has the SMS feature, it would be awesome if OSX users have a call feature as well

  5. Avatar

    thanks Carlo πŸ™‚ looking forward to it

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