Google Teases May 7 Special Event

Will the Pixel 3a finally launch on this date?

Google just confirmed that they have a special event on May 7. In the teaser poster, you have a glowing G logo accompanied by the caption “something big is coming to the Pixel Universe.”

The teaser does hint at something involving the oft-rumored Pixel 3a. The upcoming phone will be Google’s first mid-range Pixel phone. The Pixel 3a is expected to have 4GB RAM, a notch-free 5.6-inch Full HD+ display, a headphone jack, and a Snapdragon 670 processor. There are reports of a bigger Pixel 3a XL that is rumored to have a Snapdragon 710 processor and a bigger 6-inch display.

Together with the teaser poster, Google shared a Pixel 3 x Avengers: Endgame video trailer, showcasing different uses for the Pixel 3 phones. The partnership also brings in an Avengers-themed Playmoji pack as well. Check out the video below:

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