Google Thinks About a Device Implanted Directly in Your Eye


What was once in the realm of science fiction has slowly become a part of everyday life thanks to the rapid pace the world of technology has been advancing. There was a time when we thought video calls on a device that could fit in the palm of our hands could be a reality, but it’s 2016 and they’ve long since conquered video calls on a smartphone; moving on to the possibilities of VR. While the rest of the world is enjoying virtual theme park rides or scary video games played on VR headsets that make you look a little silly to spectators on YouTube, Google is plucking ideas straight from the science fiction playbook and thinking about implanting a device directly into your eyeball.

The supposed device will be housed inside fluid that is injected behind the cornea, which will conform to the shape of your eye, and then hardened — much like a contact lens, if we were to fancy a guess. The device will then be able to display content and possibly interact with your other devices. No word as to what software it would be running, but since it’s coming from Google — an eye implant running on Android wouldn’t be a stretch.

Source: Android Authority

Jamie Inocian

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