Google’s Pixel C Is An Elegant Transforming Android Tablet


This is the productivity tablet for you

Google has officially unveiled a wildcard device today: the Pixel C. The Pixel C is a tablet first but shines the best when paired with its optional keyboard. For one thing, the keyboard was designed as unobtrusively as possible and doesn’t use kickstands to keep it propped up when the tablet is on top. Instead, Google uses self-aligning magnets to keep everything neat and centered and are strong enough to keep both the tablet and the keyboard together when you’re carrying it around town. The keyboard obviously uses Bluetooth to keep it connected to the tablet, but Google says that you’ll never ever need to charge it yourself – the tablet itself charges the keyboard when not in use through inductive charging, and the search company says that the tablet is capable of lasting up to two months on a single charge.

The tablet itself uses NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 SoC, allong with a 10.2-inch display that has a 2560×1800 resolution, which comes out to 306 ppi. Surprisingly the tablet runs Android Marshmallow instead of Chrome OS, the first of Google’s Pixel range to do so. The tablet sports a USB Type-C connector as well as two configurations: 32GB and 64GB. As for pricing, you’re looking at $499 for the 32GB version (Php 23.3K) and $599 (Php 28K) for the 64GB version. The keyboard is an extra $149 (Php 7K).

John Nieves

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  1. Productivity on Android? Big effin LOL! Why did they not use Chrome OS for this is just beyond me.

    You pay extra $149 on top of the $499 base version just for a keyboard (interesting design by the way but) you’ll rarely use.

    As a pure Android tablet, it might be somewhat compelling that the other offerings from Samsung/Sony/etc. if you’re really into Android.

    But Windows still wins in productivity and Apple’s iOS still wins in overall pure tablet experience.

    1. chrome os is reliant on chrome apps. in future iterations on marshmallow, you can run chrome apps via the chrome app on android. this is probably their way of slowly eradicating chrome os and move to a unified os, which is android

      1. at kailan naman kaya mangyayari yan aber?

        matagal ng sinasabi yan ng google at hanggang ngayon maski sa Marshmallow preview ng Pixel C, the tablet experience on Android is still very weak

        it can’t match the optimum tablet experience you’d get from iOS as a multimedia consumption OS and it’s nowhere near the multitasking experience you’ll get from Windows.

        hanggang ngayon wala pa ngang split-screen yang stock Android eh. yung Samsung lang ang nagtiyagang mag implement nyan sa mga bago nilang tablets.

  2. The shift from x86 architecture to ARM Is happening faster than expected. The final nail would be Continuum phones. Intel is going to die sooner than anticipated hihihi!

    1. I honestly think you’d be dead long before intel dies. It’s not just about phones and tablets and this abomination of a device, you know. Saan ka ba nagtratrabaho? Does your company use ARM in your corporate servers!? Tsk Tsk tsk.

    2. you’re an idiot Zobel. saang puwet mo kinulikot mo yang sinasabi mo na may mabilis na shift away from x86? you don’t know sh!t

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