GoPro CEO Explains Karma Fiasco

GoPro teased their first go at creating a quadcopter with their highly popular action cameras attached to it and built a ton of hype for the drone they called Karma. But the hype train came to an abrupt stop, as reports that a number of units of the GoPro Karma lost power mid-flight sending it plummeting to the earth. Units were recalled by GoPro soon after its commercial release and the company took a major hit. The culprit behind the fiasco? It’s battery.

GoPro CEO, Nick Woodman, took to the TechCrunch stage at CES 2017 and discussed what caused the problem. GoPro got to the root of the issue, which has pinned it down to the battery’s tendency to shift a few millimeters therefore losing connection to the unit. When asked if there was a way to fix the problem, Mr. Woodman said:

If we have a mechanical issue where the battery backs out, if you came out with a way to keep that battery from backing out a couple millimeters, you’ll be fine,

The power loss. of course, was the biggest problem with the Karma but we were also hearing about and seeing the gimbal on the drone having horizon tilt issues. The company hopes to re-launch the Karma in 2017, but we really hope they’ve sorted out all its problems by then.

Source: TechCrunch

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