GoPro Teases Karma Drone on their Website

Another brand enters into the Game of Drones and this time its veteran action cam manufacturer, GoPro, who has give it the name — Karma. They’ve managed to nip an unintended leak on their European website in the bud. The leak that listed the Karma Drone by mistake and while it has now been taken down, a quick visit to their website not contains teasers for the Karma that includes 3 videos of the drone in action.

You never see the drone itself in these videos, but with the quick screenshot grabbed from GoPro’s Italian website by Twitter user, Konrad Iturbe, we see that the Karma is a quadcopter that will most likely have the GoPro Hero 5 on its gimbal to give us sweet 4K video. In the second video teaser for the GoPro Drone, we see a Volkswagen Kombi passing over the Karma and a toy in the foreground for scale; which means we can probably expect the drone to have a low profile.

GoPro will be unveling the Karma and, most likely, the new members to the Hero Family on September 19 and we’re eager to meet them all.

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