GoPro’s Karma Drone On Preorder In Kimstore, Starts At Php 38K


The Karma, GoPro’s insane, innovative and versatile quadracopter, is arriving in Kimstore.

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The GoPro Karma generated a lot of buzz when it was announced a few days ago because of its compact and foldable design, as well as its versatile nature thanks to the removable camera system. That system allows you to plug in the stabilization gimbal of the Karma onto a stand-alone grip, transforming it into a stable shooting platform much like DJI’s Osmo.

Since the Karma is so easy to fly and doesn’t require a smartphone to operate, it’s set to become the favorite of casual flyers as soon as it goes on sale. Speaking of, Kimstore is pricing the Karma at just Php 38K without the camera. With a Hero 5 Session, the price for the quadcopter goes up to Php 49K. The top of the line package is for the Karma plus the Hero 5, which is priced at around Php 55K.


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If you do decide to buy just the Karma without the camera, note that you’ll need either a Hero 5, Hero 5 Session or the Hero 4 for it to work. Kimstore also notes that the prices are just estimates as this point – more solid pricing will be available as units arrive in the Philippines.

You can pre-order here.

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