Here are More Details About the Realme 3

A big-batteried challenger?

Realme continues to tease the Realme 3 days before its launch on March 4. While we know that the Realme 3 will have a diamond back design, dual rear cameras, and an Helio P70 processor, new teasers reveal more about the Realme 3. The dewdrop notch is pretty much expected, though the 4230mAh is definitely worth talking about: paired with the Helio P70 processor, the Realme 3 is slated to be a great performer in the battery endurance department.

Aside from those teasers, Realme mentioned a Realme 3 Pro on their social media accounts. While the short teaser is vague, our best guess is that the Realme 3 Pro will have fast charging along with better specs than the Realme 3.

We will know more what surprises Realme has in store come March 4 so stay tuned.


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