Here’s How Apps look like on the iPhone 8’s display

It’s beautiful, if you don’t mind the price

While the iPhone 8 will officially launch on September 12, we have a preview of how iOS 11 will more or less look like, thanks to these photos from top tipster Benjamin Geskin:

A side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 8

One of the more obvious differences is the absence of a home button on the iPhone 8, which fuels speculations of an on-screen home button that functions using on-screen gestures.

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As for how apps will appear on the iPhone 8, photos show that apps like Instagram will utilize the whole screen, save for the two “ears” of the screen:

How our favorite social media app Instagram will appear on the iPhone 8


All of this beauty and elegance, however, comes at a steep price:

Are you willing to shell out money for the iPhone 8 if it was this beautiful? Comment down below!

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