Here’s The Entire Price List For The Cherry Mobile Festival 2016


There are some interesting products mentioned in it

Every year Cherry Mobile celebrates the Cherry Festival, where the local outfit cuts prices of a majority of their products as well as announces a couple of new ones too. This year’s festivities is no different, and while we’ve seen a couple of leaked products from the flyer before, someone has got the entire flyer and photographed it for all to see.


Jam Ancheta of has taken the time to take photos of each page of this year’s 2016 Festival Flyer which reveals a couple of new units. Aside from the Flare XL 2 and the Touch XL 2, there are a couple of other new products that are slated to be released. This includes the Flare S4 Mini, Flare J1 Mini, Flare XL Plus and the Cherry Fit, a wearable device that’s patterned after Huawei’s B1.

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  1. Wait, bat merong CM One pero walang CM One G1. Is it being discontinued na? Gusto ko pa namang bumili soon.

    1. still available, at least on the 2 CM stores i’ve been too. a lot of the other phones on their flyer however, i haven’t seen in a long while in ANY of their stores. (looking at you P1)

      1. Good to here. I’ve been saving up for an Android One phone and I was sad when I saw this since I thought CM One G1 will be discontinued. CM One doesn’t have LTE so it’s a deal breaker.

        1. i think the flyer just shows the phones that are having a price cut, or come with at least some sort of freebie that wasn’t available previously. having said that, i wish they’d give the One G1 a price cut. it’d make a decent “pangharabas” / normal sized companion phone for those already owning a huge-screened device.

  2. Wow andaming phone model alin kaya dito ang flagship phone? Ay sorry pati nga pala flagship ng cherry natatabunan kaagad after a few months. Market overflooding pa more. Cheap tactic but very effective.

    1. none of the phones here are “flagships”, those who think local brands actually release “flagship-level” phones are naive. the most you can get are decent midrangers, at least compared to what the international brands are selling. and no, i don’t think they are “market-flooding”. it just shows how little you actually know about the market. they just “own” the entry level-lower midrange, not the whole gamut.

  3. Sayang wala dito yung CM One G1. Sana magka-price cut yun. Sulit na sulit yung specs plus sure Android updates.

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