Here’s What Cloudfone Has been Working on Lately

Part of it involves partnering with international brands

By now, a number of us are probably wondering why Cloudfone has been relatively silent for this year save for two entry-level phones with the Thrill Boost 3 and Thrill Boost 2 Plus. It is not because they chose to concede against emerging Chinese brands; instead, Cloudfone has been working on a new global strategy that involves partnering with international brands. This is part of their response to adapting with the ever-changing smartphone industry.

By partnering with international brands like Blu, Wiko, Multilaser, BQ Mobile, Mobicel, and Lanix, Cloudfone wants to make sure that it produces quality phones that can go head-to-head against those being offered by the likes of Honor, Xiaomi, and Realme.

“The first reason is that through our alliance, we are able to buy components at the best price,” Cloudfone President and CEO Eric Yu said. “The second reason is that because our phones are one in the same, our phones need to pass all stringent requirements of each country.”

To an extent, Cloudfone has applied this strategy with the Thrill Boost 2—known as the Wiko Sunny 3+ in other markets—became the number 1 highest volume sales for its price range in the country. As the Wiko Sunny 3+ in other markets, it has sold over three million units worldwide. “The alliance builds phones together from the ground up, from design, to software, until the finished product,” Yu added.

This new business strategy helped Cloudfone achieve a 30% increase in brand share for the smartphone category, a 28% increase in brand share in the quad-core category, and an 85% increase in the 4-inch screen category.

To sum things up, Cloudfone is not staying to the status quo. The brand is working on the sidelines in order to stay competitive come 2019.

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