Here’s Where You Can Check If Your Note 7 Is Safe


Samsung’s massive Galaxy Note 7 recall is already underway, and while the company has stated multiple times that you shouldn’t use the phone until you get it replaced, truth is only a small number of devices are affected by the battery recall. If you’re really hell bent on using your device and not having it replaced, you can now check if your phone is safe from the battery issues the Korean giant has been having.

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You’ll have to provide your IMEI of course, easily obtainable by going through about device – status – IMEI information. Samsug’s also taken to providing a temporary software fix for Korean customers meanwhile, which caps the charge of the the phone at 60 percent, which should prevent the phone from exploding from overcharging. This is a temporary measure at best – any phone that’s part of the recall should be handed over and replaced ASAP.

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