How gadget shops try To dupe Consumers during mall sales

Hassle Talaga sa mga Consumers
Hassle Talaga sa mga Consumers

That moment where we imagined ourselves firing a bazooka at the salesperson

Earlier today we went around SM Megamall Cyberzone to check out what gadget shops were offering for the 3-Day Mega Sale. While some stores were offering legitimate promotions, majority of them were just flat out lying. One international mobile manufacturer brand was selling their newly released mid-range phone for a “discounted” price of Php17,480. The salesman was even all excited and giddy in saying that this was a very special price that we could avail only during the 3-day sale. We were skeptical so we did a quick Google Search. The price they were offering was the same cash price that another tech blogger saw when it was first introduced to the market. Another brand was doing this as well. They were selling their newest flagship phone at a “discounted price” when the price they were displaying was the actual SRP which we ourselves here on Unbox wrote about a few weeks back.

We smell BS and we’re calling it BS. These brands should be totally ashamed of themselves as this is really bad practice. We strongly urge our readers to research first on the SRP of phones before going to mall sales because if you don’t you might get suckered. Ika nga ng GI Joe, knowing is half the battle.

Carlo Ople

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