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How to Maximize Smart Flexibundles for the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10

Maximizing the Smart Flexibundles for the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10

Smart launched their new Flexibundles last night. These are bundles which you can add on top of your postpaid plan which give amazing value for money for texts, calls, and internet usage. We’ve been getting questions on how one can maximize it for the iPhone 5 or the BlackBerry Z10 so we quickly did some computing using the Flexibundle Planner Tool. Here are our recos for the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 for maximum value for money on Smart.

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

iPhone 5 (16GB)

  • iPhone Plan 999 with Php15,000 cash out spread over 24 months via credit card at 0% interest = Php1,624/month
  • 40 free minutes
  • 100 free SMS
  • Unlimited Data (LTE)


  • Php350 All Net Text
  • Php250 All Net Talk

Total Plan Features (with Flexibundles):

  • iPhone 5 16GB
  • 120 minutes of calls to all networks
  • 3,600 SMS to all networks
  • Unlimited Data (including LTE)
  • Total Cost: Php2,224/mo. for first 24 months, goes down to Php1,599/mo. afterwards

The Flexibundles for calls and SMS addresses the main weakness of the iPhone 5 Plan: small volume of free texts and calls. iPhone 5 users usually end up paying more than the plan limit since they consume more than the free SMS and calls. The Flexibundles should be more than enough for average-heavy monthly usage. For Php2,224/mo. (first 24 mo. and eventually Php1,599/mo.) you get 120 minutes of calls, 3,600 SMS, unlimited 3G/LTE, and a 16GB iPhone 5. Not a bad deal.

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BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

All-in Plan 1800
Get the following:

  • Php599 Unli BlackBerry (Unlimited email, browsing, social, messaging)
  • Php350 All Net Text (3,500 SMS to all networks)
  • Php250 All Net Talk (80 minutes calls to all networks)
  • Php400 Tri-Net (500 minutes to Smart, TNT, and SUN + 2,000 SMS to all networks +150MB browsing for 30 days)
  • Php199 Sun Combo (1,250 SMS and 50 minute calls to SUN)


  • Php250 All Net Talk (80 minutes calls to all networks)

Total Plan features (with Flexibundles):

  • FREE BlackBerry Z10
  • 5,000 SMS to all networks
  • Additional 1,250 SMS to SUN
  • 500 minutes to Smart, TNT, and SUN
  • Additional 50 minutes to Sun
  • 160 minutes calls to all networks
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Total Cost: Either Php2,050 per month

This BlackBerry Z10 plan is definitely set-up for heavy call and text users. If you’re the type that spends majority of your day on your smartphone, then you can’t top this, hehe. We seriously doubt it if you will go beyond the SMS and call allocation on this. It’s virtually unlimited internet and unlimited calls and texts to all networks for Php2,050/month with your BlackBerry Z10. Now that’s a workhorse plan if we ever saw one!

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We suggest you guys play around with the Smart Postpaid Plan with Flexibundles planner site here. Just mix and match based on your needs. 🙂

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