HP’s Spectre 13.3-inch Notebook Is The Thinnest Notebook Ever


Careful you don’t split it in half

There’s a theoretical limit that manufacturers hit whenever they try to make a notebook as anorexic as possible. There are simply some parts that need to be a certain size, as there’s really no going around the laws of physics or thermodynamics. That’s probably one of the reasons why HP’s new 13.3-inch Spectre is so impressive – at just a mere 10.4mm, it’s as thin as a single AAA battery. Heck, there are phones that are as thick (or thicker) than the Spectre out in the market today, which makes HP’s feat of engineering even more impressive.


HP used a combination of metal and carbon fiber to get the notebook as thin and as strong as possible. Despite its anorexic proportions, the Spectre has plenty of grunt under the hood, and comes in either an Intel Core i5 variant or an even more poweful Core i7 model with up to 8GB of RAM and up to 512GB of flash storage.


HP’s pricing the Spectre 13.3, starting at $1,170. HP’s also making a limited run of Spectre 13’s made with designer Tord Boontje, along with another one with J. Hannah with 18K gold accents all around.

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