HTC Sensation XE

Let’s take a quick break from the Frankfurt Motorshow dispatches before Unbox turns into a full blown automobile blog, haha! Anyway, a few months ago HTC announced that they were buying shares in Beats Audio. This is the company that made several high-end celebrity branded headphones featuring Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, and even teen sensation Justin Bieber. We now have the first product that’s a result of the investment of HTC — meet the HTC Sensation XE.

Beats Audio meets HTC

So what did they change from the original HTC Sensation? Three noticeable things. First they bumped up the processor to 1.5GHz which results to smoother experience when running applications. They also slightly increased the battery power but I’m not sure if this will actually translate to better battery life since the processor was upgraded. Lastly they included Beats headphones in the package.

The Beats Headphones

As most of you know I love good sound and great headphones. Sadly I’ve never been a huge fan of the Beats by Dr.Dre line because I never could justify the price with the sound quality. You’re paying a huge premium for the brand and you can easily get better SQ from more affordable cans. I’m 100% sure though that the Beats headphones that come with this phone will be much better than the white Apple headphones you get from your iPod/iPhone/iPad. I’ll reserve my judgement for this though when I actually get to try it.

So how much and when will it be available? No word on price but it will definitely be higher than the default HTC Sensation. We might be seeing this in the 30k-35k range. HTC says this will be available in Q4. Probably October or November at the latest.

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