Huawei Chief Executive says 6GB of RAM is Overkill for Smartphones

According to Huawei P-Series Chief Operating Officer Lao Shi, 6GB of RAM is just way too much for the needs of the average smartphone user. The COO posted his thoughts on the subject on popular Chinese social media site Weibo, pointing out that 4GB is the “sweet spot” in terms of price-performance for any phone. Maybe for now, Mr. COO, maybe for now.

Mr. Lao commented that Huawei smartphones with 4GB RAM were already in tip-top shape in terms of smoothness and performance. He added that phones with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage are more reliable daily drivers than the more expensive 6GB RAM + 64GB storage handsets. Anything more than 4GB is just a frivolous expense for the average consumer, he pointed out.

Of course, Mr. Lao Shi admitted that it’s up to the consumer on what to do with their own money, so if they’re willing to pay for the “best” specs for their phone, then so be it. Huawei, fortunately, has 6GB RAM premium handsets for this kind of customer.

Source: GSMArena

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  1. In 1981, Bill Gates allegedly said that 640k of memory in a computer is more than enough one would ever need. Hmmmm.

  2. I’m still on an iPhone 5s with just a gig of RAM, and it’s still plenty fast. It does show its limits when I’m browsing on multiple tabs, but otherwise, most of the time, it’s perfectly and comfortably usable. It’s easy to imagine that for my usage, a step-up to a 2-GB phone would be more than excellent.

    Of course, as new tech comes in, with VR and such, larger memories will eventually be justified. So all is well, for now—with emphasis on the ‘now’.

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