Huawei Commemorates 200m Milestone with Special Edition Mate 20 Pro and Nova 4

A feat definitely worth celebrating

Being able to ship over 200 million smartphones globally is a feat–considering the situation Huawei is facing in the US. To commemorate that milestone, the Chinese tech giant announced that it will be releasing special edition versions of the Mate 20 Pro and Nova 4.

Making these phones special is the gold trimming and the 200 million commemorative seal on the back. Both models come in their top-tier variants: 8GB /256GB for the Mate 20 Pro and 8GB/128GB (plus the 48-megapixel rear camera) for the Nova 4.

Both phones will be available in China on January 1 at 10:08am. No word yet on pricing, but expect to pay a premium on these commemorative phones.


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