Huawei Remains to be Biggest Smartphone Maker in Counterpoint’s Latest Report

Number 1 for the second straight month

After overtaking Samsung last April as the biggest smartphone maker globally, Huawei maintains the throne in May based on Counterpoint’s latest report. In its May report, Huawei has 19.7% of the global market share, while Samsung is in a close second spot with 19.6%.

This is still a feat for Huawei, as it continues to face geopolitical tensions with the US—where it is deprived of having access to Google services. As a response, Huawei launched App Gallery, along with several app alternatives to key Google apps. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected global smartphone sales, but brands managed to soften the blow.

With this development, Huawei managed to fulfill its goal of being the world’s biggest smartphone maker by 2020 after making the promise in 2018.


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  1. And this is without google mobile services, truly a feat. I can’t imagine its domestic rivals oppo, vivo and even xiaomi achieving the same without gms. I’ve used huawei and honor products, really good. US should stop bullying huawei.

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