Huawei Is Developing Its Own Foldable Phone

It’ll be going up against Samsung and ZTE

Think that the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are the only phones that Huawei has been developing the past few months? Think again – according to the Chinese company, they’re also working on a commercial foldable phone that’ll go up against the offering of Samsung and domestic rival ZTE, and already have a working model available.

That’s according to Huawei CEO Richard Yu, who confirmed to CNET that they already have a working sample of its foldable handset. A working sample isn’t a commercial product, however, and Yu admits that the phone needs improvements to its mechanical design as well as a better, more flexible screen before it hits stores worldwide. Huawei’s current sample has a small gap between two displays which isn’t what Yu wants, stating that “That’s not good”, we should get rid of that gap.”

It’s clear from Yu’s statements that Huawei is looking at a device that has a single, continuous, bendable display, which isn’t the route that their domestic competitor ZTE took with their Axon M which uses two separate displays that join together to make a bigger, albeit not completely seamless, display. Their closest rival would be Korean company Samsung, who has been developing a phone with a foldable display since 2014.


ZTE Officially Announces Dual-screen Axon M

ZTE Officially Announces Dual-screen Axon M



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