Huawei Patents Touch Controls for Large Camera Modules

A possible Mate 40 design feature?

With phones having more rear cameras, it is inevitable for them to have large camera modules. Prior to the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s ginormous camera module, the circular, washing machine-like camera module of the Mate 30 series was a divisive design language for most consumers. Huawei, for their part, is thinking of ways to add function to the circular “halo” ring surrounding the camera module, according to new patent filings spotted by LetsGoDigital.

Based on the filings, Huawei plans to add touch functionality to the halo ring, giving it functions such as volume controls and camera zooming. Aside from touch controls, Huawei is also planning to add an LCD panel to the halo ring, giving quick access to essential notifications.

The patent was filed mid-2019 and was approved recently. Currently, the said patent is part of the Global Design Database of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

The idea of adding a multifunction ring is an idea borrowed from prosumer digital cameras, and it is nice to see smartphones adopt the same idea as well. With the Mate 40 series expected to launch at Q4 of 2020, this patent filing might be a preview of what to expect with the next-generation Mate phones.


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