Huawei to Collaborate with Rival Samsung in Developing a Tizen OS Smartwatch?

A rumor report from China suggests that Huawei wants to get back into the smart wearables industry by launching a Tizen OS powered smartwatch, instead of an Android Wear one.

Huawei’s Android Wear smartwatch, the “Watch”.

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Android Authority reported claims from an industry insider that Huawei was planning on collaborating with Samsung to manufacture a smartwatch using the Korean tech titan’s homegrown OS. For those unfamiliar with the Tizen OS, it’s Samsung’s natively developed operating system designed for its products, which include a couple of smartphones, and its Gear wearables. It’s also Samsung’s early effort of future-proofing its devices away from the rigid grasp of Google’s Android OS.

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Apparently, Google wasn’t too collaborative with Huawei during their stint with the Android Wear “Watch” wearable, so the Chinese company was looking for a viable alternative to their future smartwatch plans. Samsung seemed to be a good fit for their purposes – the Tizen OS – hence the rumored collab.

Samsung’s spokesperson quickly dispelled the rumors, though, stating that “Samsung has not officially received any request for such collaboration from Huawei yet.” Yet, anyway, if the Chinese insider is to be believed. Rumors will be rumors!

Currently, since the Tizen OS platform and code are open-source, Huawei can already start with the rumored smartwatch’s development, without the need for an official tie-up with Samsung.

As a side note, a few months back, Huawei sued Samsung in US and Chinese courts for supposed patent infringements. Not sure how that’ll affect future collaboration deals between the two companies, but money is money!

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Source: Android Authority

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